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Beolhyu of Silla (?-196, r. 184-196) was the ninth king of Silla, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea. He is also known as Beolhyu Isageum, isageum being the royal title in early Silla. As a descendent of Silla's 4th king Talhae, his surname was Seok.


The Samguk Sagi states that he was made king by the people when his predecessor Adalla died without heir. His ascension to the throne broke several generations of continuous rule by the Park clan, descendants of Silla's founder Bak Hyeokgeose.

Beolhyu is recorded to be the grandson of King Talhae, but this is questioned because he ascended to the throne 104 years after Talhae's death. His mother was of the Kim clan.


In 185, he conquered a small chiefdom called Somun-guk (in today's Uiseongmarker). Silla warred with the neighboring Korean kingdom Baekje in 188 (around Jincheonmarker), 189, and 190 (around Yecheonmarker).


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