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Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR) is a publication that seeks to connect the academic study of archaeology to a broad general audience seeking to understand the world of the Bible and the Near and Middle East (Syro-Palestine and/or the Levant). Covering both the Old and New Testaments, BAR presents the latest discoveries and controversies in archaeology. BAR's writers include leading scholars and researchers. BAR is published by the non-denominational Biblical Archaeology Society and edited by the Society's founder Hershel Shanks. Biblical Archaeology Review is the largest paid-circulation magazine in the field of archaeology, thanks to its reader-friendly approach. BAR publishes the views of a wide variety of archaeological viewpoints. For example, BAR has published such authors as Lawrence Stager, Kenneth Kitchen, Alan Millard, William Dever, Israel Finkelstein, and Bryant G. Wood.

The story of the so-called "James Ossuary" was first published in the pages of Biblical Archaeology Review; it was discussed by founding editor Hershel Shanks and Ben Witherington III in "The Brother of Jesus: The Dramatic Story & Significance of the First Archaeological Link to Jesus & His Family" (2003).

Other journals published by the Society have included Bible Review (1985-2005), merged into Biblical Archaeology Review after 2005, and Archaeology Odyssey (1998-2006).


The contents listed below are intended as a general reference and are not exhaustive.
Issue Date Cover stories Additional content
v23 #3 5/6 1997 Light on Zion - Where the Essenes Lived in Jesus' Time Moses Shapira
v23 #4 7/8 1997 Face to Face But Not Eye to Eye - Biblical Minimalists Meet Their Challengers Iron Age Jerusalemmarker, Megiddomarker
v23 #5 9/10 1997 Lawrence of Arabia as Archaeologist
v23 #6 11/12 1997 Searching for Roman Jerusalem Mizpah, royal rosette, Josephus, Solomon's Templemarker receipt, Hadrian
v24 #1 1/2 1998 Volunteer's View - The 1998 Dig Issue Qumranmarker, Baniasmarker
v24 #2 3/4 1998 Illuminating Byzantine Jerusalem Babatha, Dead Sea scrolls, David & Solomon chronology
v24 #3 5/6 1998 Samaritan or Jewish? You make the Call Egyptianmarker Canaan, Dead Sea scrolls, Israelite exilemarker, Seal of Ahaz
v24 #4 7/8 1998 The Only Relic from Herod's Temple David's Jerusalem, silver from Dormarker
v24 #5 9/10 1998 The Face of Canaan - Life and Death in Deir el-Balahmarker High places, 1st century stone quarry, Ekronmarker
v24 #6 11/12 1998 New Questions About Masadamarker Shroud of Turinmarker
v25 #1 1/2 1999 Dive In! The 1999 Dig Issue Jerusalem's water system in David's timemarker, Egyptian David reference, Israelite life in Egypt
v25 #2 3/4 1999 Seal of an Assassin - Ammonite King Plotted Murder of Judah's Governor Hazormarker, Seal of Hezekiah
v25 #3 5/6 1999 Who Destroyed Hazor?
v2x #x 5/6 2005 Was Noah's Ark a Sewn Boat? Sennacherib

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