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Bihar Sharif ( ) (also called Bihar by some) is the district headquarters of Nalanda district in the state of Biharmarker, in Indiamarker.


Bihar Sharif was once the capital of the Muslim Governors of Bihar between 13th and 16th centuries when the city was an active cultural center and an important seat of Muslim thought and learning. Turkish and Pashtun invaders often used abandoned viharas as military cantonments.The word Bihar may have come from the large number of viharas thus employed in the area that later became Bihar. Originally Bihar was name of the town, which was headquarter of the Muslim rulers in the Magadha region in the medieval period. Later on the headquarter was shifted from Bihar to Patana (current Patnamarker) by Sher Shah Suri and the whole Magadha region was called Bihar. Almost 80% of the Muslim population of Bihar Sharif and surrounding areas have a good degree of Turkish and Afghan blood in their veins, especially so among the middle and upper classes, but also among the lower classes.


It is located 80 km from capital of Bihar state Patnamarker. It is 13 km from the ruins at Nalandamarker and well connected with Patna via train and buses.

It is small town located on the top of a craggy rock. The old center of the town has examples of medieval Islamic architecture, such as the Bukhari Mosque. Thousand of pilgrims of all religions visit the tombs of Makhdum Shah Sharif-ud-din, a Muslim saint of 14th century, and the saintly Syed Ibrahim Malik Biya.

It is also sometimes spelled Biharsharif, also called Bihar city, central Bihar state, northeastern India, east of the Paimar River, a tributary of the Ganges. It served as the capital of the Pala dynasty (10th century AD) and contains a 5th century AD Gupta pillar and several Muslim mosques and tombs. Nearby lie the remains of Odantapuri (q.v.), a great vihara, or college of Buddhist learning, from which the name Bihar was derived.

There are a village namely "DUMRAWAN" near the biharsharif. Dumrawan is the largest village in "ASTHAWAN" police station. In DUMRAWAN, there are so many professional man likely Doctors, Engineers, ips, IAS. It has so many rivers likely "KUMBHRI", "ZIRAEEIN" etc. It has natural beauty thats why i love it. You can go DUMRAWAN by bus from biharsharif. So you must visit once.
          'CHANDASI' is another beautifully located village in is 12 km from the bihar is located in noorsarai blockin the midst of bihar sharif-patna highway. it has  significance because of its natural look.people are very aware of politics as well as study.chandasi has produces so many intellectuals for the nation.


Agriculture is prime activity as it is an ideal place for agriculture-based industry. Now it is also developing as a big cloth market. Famous as mini Surat among businessmen.


 India census, Bihar had a population of 231,972. Males constitute 53% of the population and females 47%. Bihar has an average literacy rate of 60%, higher than the national average of 59.5%; with male literacy of 67% and female literacy of 52%. Some 16% of the population is under 6 years of age.



Image:Bukhari-Mosque-Bihar-Sharif-1920.png|Bukhari MosqueImage:Hamuman Mandir.jpg|Hanuman Mandir at Badi PahariImage:Mosque at Badi Pahari.jpg|Mosque at Badi PahariImage:Badi Dargah I.jpg|thumb|Badi DargahImage:Badi Dargah II.jpg|Badi Dargah - Another View

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