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William Geoffrey "Bill" Webster is a fictional character in the UK television ITV soap opera, Coronation Streetmarker. Portrayed by actor Peter Armitage, the character first appeared onscreen during the episode airing on 6 February 1984. Bill is the father of Kevin Webster and his sister Debbie. He is grandfather to Kevin's daughters Rosie and Sophie Webster.

Early life on the Street

On 6 February, 1984, the character made his first appearance when he came to look at Brian Tilsley’s garage roof, which was leaking. Bill bought Nº11 from Linda Cheveski acting on behalf of her mother, Elsie Tanner. He also rented Len Fairclough's builders yard from his wife Rita, and in the process the widow and widower became very friendly. Bill's first wife, Alison, had died of cancer in 1980. However, it was Percy Sugden's niece, Elaine Prior, whom Bill fell for, and in January 1985 they married and moved down to Southampton with Bill's daughter Debbie, where Elaine opened a hair salon.

Sometime after this Bill and Elaine moved to Germanymarker, where Elaine had an affair, and in July 1995 Bill realised their marriage was over, and moved back to Manchester, turning up on the doorstep of his son Kevin. Bill moved into Kevin's whilst Kevin's wife Sally (whom he had never met) was away. To welcome his daughter-in-law home he cooked a meal, and burned down their kitchen in the process. Fortunately, he used his building skills to give Kevin & Sally a new kitchen. Bill then landed a job as cellarman at The Rovers, and also moved in there.

In November 1995, Bill lost his job at The Rovers as the Duckworths took over, and to make things worse, the next month he got a bill for £1,400 tax. He couldn't pay, and so Kevin & Sally lent him the money - much to the annoyance of Rita Sullivan who had given the Webster children £5,000. Mike Baldwin asked Bill to do some work at the Crimea Street flats; in return he wangled one of the flats and got a business partner in the shape of Jim McDonald.

In 1997, Bill had an affair with Maureen Holdsworth and the pair ran away together to Germany a mere ten days after Maureen had married Fred Elliott.


In August 2006, it was reported that Bill Webster was making a return to the cobbles of Coronation Street. He appeared again on October 15 2006 when Kevin, Sally, Rosie, Rosie's boyfriend Craig and Sophie went for a weekend in Parismarker. He returned to visit his family shortly after and began romancing Audrey Roberts. The character returned to the Street again at Christmas 2006, and carried on where he left off with Audrey. However, his wife Maureen turned up on Christmas Day, when Bill and Audrey were having dinner at the Platts' and an already mischievous David Platt revealed Bill and Audrey's relationship to a devastated Maureen. After Christmas, Bill and Maureen went home to Germany to talk through their problems. Several weeks later, Bill returned to Weatherfield alone confirming that their marriage was over.

Builder's yard

In 2007 he moved in with Audrey, after working with Jason Grimshaw on the new take-away. Bill then announced his plans to buy 'Stubbs Building Yard', after the murder of owner Charlie Stubbs. Audrey put up the money for the venture and the offer was accepted in April 2007. Bill went on to hire David Platt but later fired him as he was too much of a liability. Audrey and Bill split up in August 2008, following a disastrous trip to France with Janice Battersby and Roger Stiles. In March 2009, Audrey told Bill that she needed him to start making repayments on the loan she gave him and as business wasn't sufficient enough he was forced to employ Jason on a job-by-job basis.

Relationship with Pam Hobsworth

In June 2009, Bill met a woman called Vanessa at a singles night and lied that he was an ex-soldier called Newton. He soon got bored of Vanessa, and bumped into Pam Hobsworth who was having equally poor luck. The two managed to get rid of their respective dates during the next few days and began to write personal ads. They soon realised that they were a compatible match and began dating each other.


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