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Bjelopavlići (Serb Cyrillic: Бјелопавлићи) is a Highland Serb clan in central Montenegromarker.


The Bjelopavlici were first mentioned in 1411, in historical Serbian documents.

Bijeli Pavle, the founder of the Bjelopavlici clan, had two sons:

  • Šćepan, had 2 sons, which families composed:
    • Vražegrmci
    • Martinići

  • Mitar, had four sons, which families composed:
    • Petrušinovići
    • Pavkovići
    • Matijaš and Tomaš
    • Kalezići

Turkish rule

The Venetians fought Zeta in the 15th century, the Montenegrins under Stefan Vukcic were not able to defend themselves and all Montenegrin clans, including Bjelopavlici, were to pay taxes to Venice.

In the early 17th century, when the Ottoman Empire ruled Montenegro, Bjelopavlici consisted of 360 houses of which the majority were Montenegrin. The 800 men in arms, were commanded by Neneca Latinovic and Bratic Tomasevic.

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