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Bob Murawski (born June 14, 1964) is an Americanmarker film editor as well as a film distributor of cult horror and independent films under the "Box Office Spectaculars" and "Grindhouse Releasing" labels. Murawski often works with film director Sam Raimi, having edited all three of Columbia Pictures' Spider-Man films.

Early life and career

Murawski was born in Detroitmarker, Michigan and grew up in the northeast part of the state. He was the valedictorian at his high school in Bad Axemarker, Michigan, and graduated from Michigan State Universitymarker with a major in Telecommunications. Soon after graduation, he interned with Detroit-based film sub-distributor, Bob Mason of Mason Releasing.

Murawski then moved to Hollywood, where he worked as an assistant editor on several low budget films. One of these assistant editing jobs was for film director Sam Raimi on Raimi's comic-book-inspired picture, Darkman.

Film editing

In 1992, Murawski was slated to edit Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs, but was no longer available when the film finally got a green light because he was working with Hong Kong action director John Woo on Woo's first American feature, Hard Target (starring Jean-Claude Van Damme). He spent the following years working as a film editor, mostly for director/producer Sam Raimi, on films including Army of Darkness,The Gift, Drag Me to Hell and the Spider-Man series of films. He also co-edited The Hurt Locker with editor Chris Innis.

Film director Sam Raimi has said of working with Murawski:
"He’d come (down to the set) to see how things were going and to let me know if he’d just cut something that wasn’t working the way he’d wanted it to, or to suggest a pick-up shot I should get for a piece he felt we needed in a sequence I hadn’t realized I needed.
He’s very detail-oriented...
So we’re very close collaborators."
Raimi finds editing with Murawski to be "relaxing", adding:
"I love it...
I can watch the film come together, so it’s a time of discovery for me as Bob and I fit all the pieces together."

Murawski has also cut music videos for such groups as The Ramones, Motorhead, and Sublime. He is represented by agents Paul Hook, Dan Baime and Craig Bernstein at International Creative Management (ICM).

Film distribution

Murawski runs Grindhouse Releasing, a company that restores, preserves, and distributes classic cult and Euro-horror films. Murawski's partner at Grindhouse is actor/director Sage Stallone. Murawski also runs his own distribution arm, Box Office Spectaculars. The two labels have digitally remastered classic cult horror and independent films such as Make Them Die Slowly (aka Cannibal Ferox), Lucio Fulci's spaghetti-horror masterpiece, E tu vivrai nel terrore (aka The Beyond) as well as Cannibal Holocaust, I Drink Your Blood (1970) (directed by David E. Durston), and director Juan Piquer Simón's cult horror film, Pieces. The company is currently in post-production on An American Hippy in Israel and Duke Mitchell's previously unreleased independent feature, Gone with the Pope.

Grindhouse Releasing has been described as the "Criterion" of horror film distribution, based on the technical quality and bonus materials on their DVD releases. Grindhouse releases on the Warner Music Group/Ryko distribution label (now called Alternative Distribution Alliance, "ADA"). His Company plans also the Re-Release from The Evil Dead, the series will run alongside with Lucio Fulcis The Beyond.

Personal life

Murawski is married to fellow film editor Christina "Chris" Innis. The two editors met while working on the Universal/CBS television series American Gothic. They continue to work together for Grindhouse Releasing/Box Office Spectaculars, as well as on other feature film editing projects such as The Gift, Spider-man, Spider-man 3 and The Hurt Locker.



The director of each film is indicated in parenthesis.

Second unit director

  • Uncle Sam (1997)

Film distributor (re-releases)

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