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Bolívar is a department of Colombiamarker. It was named after one of the original nine states of the United States of Colombia. It is in the north of the country, extending from the coast at Cartagenamarker near the mouth of the Magdalena Rivermarker, then south along the river to a border with Antioquia.

Its capital is Cartagenamarker, other important cities include Maganguemarker and Turbacomarker.


Administrative divisions


  1. Achímarker
  2. Altos del Rosariomarker
  3. Arenal del Surmarker
  4. Arjonamarker
  5. Arroyo Hondomarker
  6. Barranco de Lobamarker
  7. Calamarmarker
  8. Cantagallo, Bolívarmarker
  9. El Carmen de Bolívarmarker
  10. Cartagenamarker
  11. Cicucomarker
  12. Clemenciamarker
  13. Córdoba
  14. El Guamomarker
  15. Hatillo de Loba
  16. Maganguémarker
  17. Mahatesmarker
  18. Margaritamarker
  19. Maria La Bajamarker
  20. Santa Cruz de Mompoxmarker
  21. Montecristo
  22. Morales
  23. Norosímarker
  24. El Peñón
  25. Pinillosmarker
  26. Regidormarker
  27. Rio Viejo
  28. San Cristobal
  29. San Estanislaomarker
  30. San Fernando
  31. San Jacinto
  32. San Jacinto del Cauca
  33. San Juan Nepomucenomarker
  34. San Martín de Lobamarker
  35. San Pablo
  36. Santa Catalina
  37. Santa Rosa
  38. Simitimarker
  39. Soplavientomarker
  40. Talaiga Nuevo
  41. Tiquisiomarker
  42. Turbacomarker
  43. Turbanamarker
  44. Villanueva
  45. Zambranomarker
  46. Santa Rosa del Surmarker



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