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Bona Sforza d'Aragona (2 February 1494 – 7 November 1558) was a member of the House of Sforza who in 1518 became the second wife of Sigismund I of Poland.

When her mother Isabella of Naples died in 1524, Bona succeeded to the titles Duchess of Barimarker and Princess of Rossanomarker. She also became the holder of the Brienne claim to the title of King of Jerusalem.


Bona was born in Vigevanomarker, daughter of Gian Galeazzo Sforza of Milanmarker and Isabella of Naples. She was the niece of Bianca Maria Sforza, who in 1493 married Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I. She was named after her grandmother, Bona of Savoy.

Bona married King Sigismund I the Old in 1518 and was crowned Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania in Wawel Cathedralmarker,Kraków, on 18 April. As niece of the empress, was a patron of Renaissance culture, which thanks to her, began to further flourish in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. She is also considered to have influenced the Polish and Lithuanian cuisines, having introduced many new dishes to the Commonwealth.

Upon her husband's death, she sided with many in Catholic Poland in opposing her son King Sigismund II Augustus' marriage to the Lithuanian Calvinist, Barbara Radziwiłł, and was suspected, without evidence, of having poisoned the new queen, who died shortly after her coronation.

In 1556, she returned to Barimarker, Italymarker where she was poisoned by her private secretary Gian Lorenzo Pappacoda. Pappacoda was acting on behalf of King Philip II of Spain, who wished to avoid repaying his sizable debts to the Polish queen.

She was succeeded by her three children. Her only surviving son, Sigismund August Jagellon, became the king of Poland. After her brother's death, Anna the Jagiellonian was elected King of Poland in the second election for the king, and ruled Poland with her elected husband king Stephen Bathory. The title of King of Jerusalem passed to the youngest daughter Catherine Jagellonica, Queen of Swedenmarker, who passed it on to her son, also elected King Sigismund III Vasa of Poland.


Bona and Sigismund I of Poland had six children:



Image:Bona Sforza.jpg|Queen Bona as a widowImage:Ogrody Królewskie Wawel 2006-06-20 01.jpg|Queen Bona's gardens at the Wawel CastlemarkerImage:Castello di Bari.jpg|Castle in Barimarker, where she died in 1557

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