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Fig Tree Bridge, Linley Point from Boronia Park
Boronia Park is a waterfront parkland and nature reserve wholly within the suburb of Hunters Hillmarker and the Municipality of Hunter's Hillmarker, New South Walesmarker, Australia and which dates back to pre-colonial New South Wales. It is known for its original and widely diverse flora and fauna.

"...Boronia Park is the best place to gain an idea of Hunter's Hill's pre-European landscape, as it has the largest intact stretch of bushland. Its sandstone slopes carry characteristic open-forest of Eucalyptus piperita, Eucalyptus gummifera and Angophora costata, with a great variety of understorey shrubs and small trees. Towards the top of the slope is an area of Kunzea ambigua shrubland, while Blackbutt, Eucalyptus pilularia grow on the more sheltered aspects, and a small creek tumbles down a steep waterfall to form a pool beside Grey Mangroves along the river's edge...the Turpentine-Ironbark forest's only remnant in Hunters Hillmarker today is a small stand of Syncarpia glomulifera, with some understorey shrubs, near the entrance to Boronia Park..." *
  • (Doug Benson & Jocelyn Howell, Taken for Granted - the Bushland of Sydney and its Suburbs Kangaroo Press, 1995, pages 109-110) (Quotation used with permission of Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, the copyright holder).

Boronia Park is bordered in Hunters Hill by Park Road to the west, High Street to the north, Ryde Road to the south and the Lane Cove Rivermarker and Boronia Avenue to the east.

The park was named after the "boronia ledifolia" which is all but extinct; probably due to the introduction of rabbits in the 1800s.

Public use and amenities

Three ovals are available for playing various sports and it is also the home of the Hunter's Hill Rugby Union Football Club. The main oval has one grandstand which contains several rows of seats. The third oval is mainly used for All Saints Soccer.


A school named after the Reserve, the Boronia Park Public School, is located on the east side of Pittwater Road (between Pittwater Road and Earl Street) wholly within the suburb of Hunters Hill and provides schooling for around 400 pupils of the local area. It prides itself in its beautiful grounds, much of which is shaded by leafy trees which are characteristic of the area.

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