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Botevgrad ( ; pre-1934 Orhanie (Орхание); pre-1866: Samundzhievo (Самунджиево), is a town in western Bulgariamarker. It is located in Sofia Provincemarker and is close to Pravetsmarker. Botevgrad is situated at a 47-km-distance from Sofiamarker.


Botevgrad and its hinterland are located in an elliptical valley with a total area of 5,066 km². The municipality covers parts of the Western Stara Planinamarker mountain — Razhana, Murgash, Bilo and Golyama Planina and some parts of the Northern Balkan. Vitinya Passmarker connecting Northern Bulgaria with Southern Bulgaria and the proximity of the capital contribute to its strategic location. Botevgrad municipality borders the following municipalities: Pravetsmarker, Etropolemarker, Gorna Malinamarker, Elin Pelinmarker, Svogemarker, Mezdramarker and Romanmarker.
The characteristic clock tower in the centre of the town is arguably its most recognizable symbol


The region of Botevgrad municipality is quite rich in natural resources. The relief is remarkable for its variety. The municipality covers the following geographic parts: a part of Botevgradska Kotlovina (the valley of Botevgrad), some parts of Botevgradski Predbalkan and four of the Balkan shoulders — Razhana, Golyama Planina, Murgash and Bilo. Kotlovinata Zhleba (Fillet Hollow) is situated between the main Balkan Range and the Northern Balkan.

The bottom of the hollow is the acumulative river terrace of Bebresh river and its tributaries. The low oval hills inside the hollow contribute to the countryside variety. Mount Murgash — 1687 m tall is the highest point of the highest mountain range to the south and south-west. Many rivulets run down the slopes of the heights. Prohoda Vitinya or Vitinya Pass connecting South Bulgaria with North Bulgaria is located on the territory of Botevgrad municipality.


Botevgrad has one of the best basketball teams currently in Bulgariamarker-Balkan.Also, there is a football club with the name "Balkan"-PFC Balkan Botevgrad. The city has many sport fields-both for football and basketball. Other sports are also very popular - volleyball, swimming, chess.


Image:Botevgrad 2.JPG|Central BotevgradImage:Botevgrad-garden-court-hall.jpg|Court Hall and gardenImage:Botevgrad-Hristo-Botev-monument.jpg|Botev monument and gardenImage:Botevgrad Chasovnikova Kula 0006.jpg|Clock tower

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