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Bozhou ( ) is a prefecture-level city in northwestern Anhuimarker province, People's Republic of Chinamarker. It borders Huaibei to the northeast, Bengbu to the southeast, Huainan to the south, Fuyang to the southwest, and the province of Henanmarker to the north.


The prefecture-level city of Bozhou administers 4 county-level divisions, including 1 district and 3 counties.

English Name Chinese Name (Simplified / Traditional) Pin yin Post Code
Qiaocheng District 谯城区 / 譙城區 Qiáochéng Qū 236800
Woyang County 涡阳县 / 渦陽縣 Wōyáng Xiàn 233600
Lixin County 利辛县 / 利辛縣 Lìxīn Xiàn 236700
Mengcheng County 蒙城县 / 蒙城縣 Méngchéng Xiàn 233500


Bozhou was, in addition to being a prefecture in the Tang Dynasty, once Qiao Commandry (谯郡) in the Sui Dynasty.

In 1355, during the Mongol Dynastymarker, Han Lin'er (韓林兒) was proclaimed by Liu Futong (劉福通) to be the Emperor of Great Song (大宋, referring to the dead Song Empire) with the era name Longfeng (龍鳳 "Dragon and fenghuang"). Chao was nicknamed "The Little Mingmarker King" (小明王).

In 1368, Bo Prefecture was lower in status to a district (县). In 1496, it was re-made a prefecture. And lowered to be a county in 1912: Bo County. In May 1986, it was upgraded to a county-level city administered by Fuyang Region (阜阳地区): Bozhou-shi. In 1996, Bozhou was upgraded to provincially directly administered city (省直辖市), administered by Fuyang City on behalf of the province. The province directly administered Bozhou since February 1998. In June 2000, Bozhou was made a regional city (地级市), or provincially administered city (省辖市).

Bozhou is currently the capital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in mainland China, with one of the biggest T.C.M markets in the country. Last year (2008) companies based in Bozhou exported over 160,000 tons overseas (total Chinese exports 240,000tons). Whilst relatively undeveloped in terms of westernisation Bozhou continues to be the No.1 location for Traditional Chinese Medicine within the P.R.C. The international T.C.M Expo is held in Bozhou on the 9th of September each year as well which sees delegates from around the world coming to discuss T.C.M.

It is located on two main Chinese train routes running from Beijing to the south and from the east to Shanghai which facilitates the easy transportation of goods and people.

The city population currently stands around the 3 million mark which makes it small by Chinese standards. Whilst Bozhou is currently developing and expanding it still has few internationally recognized brands based in the city.

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