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Bratz: The Movie (or simply Bratz) is a live-action feature film based on cartoon characters and dolls of the same name that was released to Americanmarker theaters on August 3, 2007 and had various international releases afterward. The film was received very poorly, garnering almost universally negative reviews and a very poor performance at the box office.


The film was announced on May 15, 2006, when MGA Entertainment, Avi Arad Productions, and Crystal Sky Pictures teamed up. Under the deal, Crystal Sky Pictures financed the film, while Avi Arad and MGA executive produced. John Doolittle and Susie Singer Carter penned the screenplay.

The shooting of the film was completed on March 24, 2007.

Paula Abdul was dropped from the production before the completion of the film due to unknown reasons. She was originally enlisted to provide wardrobe designs, choreograph the film, executive produce, as well as hold a role in the film. This was revealed on Hey Paula, her own reality show on her personal life. It has been speculated her erratic behavior may have been a reason behind her involvement in the film being cut.

The film was shot at Santee Educational Complex in South Los Angeles, Californiamarker, while in session.THE


The four best friends: Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha and Jade, are about to start high school. Although nervous, they feel excited and confident that they will excel. Head girl Meredith Baxter Dimly wants everyone to belong to a group (i.e. a clique), and goes about organizing people. She doesn't like the independent spirit of the four girls. She plots to destroy their friendship and make them conform to her pre-fabricated cliques. Cloe is an ace soccer player. She meets Cameron and is instantly smitten. Sasha is soon recruited as a cheerleader for her cheering ability. She wows the squad, including the head cheerleader. Jade does well in science club and designs great outfits. She meets Dexter and there's definitely chemistry between them. Yasmin's special talent is to sing; however she has terrible stage fright. She meets Dylan, who is deaf, but he is very good at lip reading. She makes a crass remark to him, and, of the group of four, it is she who ends up making a terrible start to her High School career. The friends begin to drift apart, as they are compelled to stay within their cliques.

The film then moves forward two years, and the girls no longer see or speak to each other. It's just as Meredith wanted and she acquires a temporary victory. Meredith is also organizing a talent show and she engineers it every year so that she can win. By enlisting the least talented acts and throwing out any real competition, this virtually solidifies her victory. Coupled with the fact that her adoring father is the school principal, this further enables Meredith to behave in such an appalling manner.

Yasmin begins to get to know Dylan, who is learning to "feel" the music he can no longer hear. Cloe and Cameron really like each other, but Meredith likes Cameron as well, and goes out of her way to sabotage their relationship. Meredith sends her dog to mess with Cloe and Cameron. The dog trips Cloe and sends her food flying on top of Jade. A series of food accidents happen and connects to all the girls causing them to start a food fight between all of the students. This makes the girls accidentally break the principal's bust and the vice principal sends them to detention. However, this has the opposite effect that Meredith desires when the girls repair their damaged relationship and vow to stay together. Meredith, furious pulls out her thumb drive, in which she stores embarrassing videos and files of other students.

Meredith prepares for a second "Sweet Sixteen Party", even having MTV film it. This is not just a bid to secure her waning popularity. No one can come to the party unless he is willing to sit with the clique assigned to him by Meredith. Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, and Sasha, unwilling to break up their friendship again, refuse to go. But when Cloe's mother comes down with a fever and can't make the food for the party, Yasmin and her friends take over the job--and fill in when the servers call to say they can't make it.

A huge stage has been set up at the party, where Meredith sings about how "Fabulous" she is. When she is done with her own performance, she calls on Yasmin to sing, embarrassing her with a video that was given to her by Yasmin's brother. Later Yasmin bumps into Dylan. They almost kiss but Meredith puts a stop to it. She then catches Cloe and Cameron talking, and quickly stops them. Meredith's downfall begins thereafter in spectacular fashion when Yasmin and her friends refuse to serve her. Then she falls off the back of an elephant she rented for the party. Next she crashes into her birthday cake, and finally plunges into the pool. Completely humiliated, Meredith screams out in rage, calling the girls "brats". They decide to take the name as their heading, and now they are known as BRATZ.

Throughout the film, Sasha is coping with her separated parents, she gets confused about who she is meant to be staying with on occasion, and wants them to try again. Cloe and her mother are struggling to make ends meet, this forming a crucial part of the talent contest thread. Jade, beautiful as she is clever, is nonetheless keeping a part of her identity hidden from her parents. This hiding of the identity applies in particular to her overprotective mother. This makes her uncomfortable as Jade's mother oppresses her. There are moments of comic relief, which are provided by the younger siblings of Yasmin and Meredith. Comic relief moments also appear when we see the Vice Principal and Principal Dimly. Cherish appears to hate her elder sister, Meredith, and the two have a series of poisonous exchanges. Yasmin's younger brother inadvertently provides Meredith with a great deal of ammunition against the Bratz girls.

Inevitably the film ends happily, when the girls confess to everyone about their secrets at the Talent Show, but pointing out the good things about them. They perform together, overpowering Meredith. During the song, the girls kiss their boys of choice on the cheek. In the end, Meredith wins the trophy. The girls win the scholarship, which they give to Cloe. The girls are also invited to a red carpet premiere, and sing at the premiere as the credits roll down. While Meredith and her father look at them with binoculars from the distance.


DVD release

The DVD was released on November 27, 2007 with special features such as music videos and out-takes.


The film received overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics. Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune called the film "the most horrifying of 2007", remarking that, while the film seems to promote "releasing what's inside" and "letting your spirit soar high" it's all about clothes and outer beauty. He also said that Jon Voight's talent is wasted: "the actor—a good actor; remember?—looks as dazed as he did after being horked up by the snake in Anaconda." Ty Burr of The Boston Globe advised parents to rent Midnight Cowboy, saying it would be "less damaging on their [the kids'] psyches than this soulless mall rat of a movie." Nathan Rabin of The A.V. Club concluded his C- review with "This is why the terrorists hate us." In his year-in-review column, however, he cited the film as a "guilty pleasure." A notable review in the Chicago Tribune said that "by the time the movie is over, one hopes the Decepticons will come in and take care of business." Because of that, Richard Roeper and Michael Phillips added Bratz on their top ten worst movies of 2007.

At the Razzies, bad reviews comparing the film to the Disney Channel film High School Musical were read. The first review read, "Makes High School Musical look like Chicago." The second read, "Makes High School Musical look like Puccini." The last read, "Makes High School Musical look like Gone With the Wind."

There were, however, some positive reviews, such as Teresa Wiltz of the Washington Post who describes the film as "earnest, silly and sweet", along with Adam Schubak of TV Guide who says "Although the film at times seems more a showcase for the trendy clothes specifically tailored for each character's unique personality, it does convey a positive message about loyalty and friendship." Paige Wiser of the Chicago Sun-Times also states that while it is a "Frivolous, and...forgettable" film, that it is ultimately about high school tolerance.

The film currently holds a 7% critics approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It received five Razzie nominations, including Worst Actress (all four stars were nominated as a group) and Worst Picture, but it did not win any of the awards for which it was nominated.

Bratz: The Movie opened at #9 at the box office. In its entire theatrical run, it only managed to earned a worldwide gross of $26,013,153.

Musical numbers

Song Chiefly Sung By Other Singers Scene
"Fabulous" Meredith None My Super Sweet 16 Party
"It's All About Me" Meredith Meredettes School Talent Show
"Bratitude" Bratz None School Talent Show
"Open Eyes" Bratz None MTV Video Music Awards Pre-show

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