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The K130 Braunschweig class (sometimes Korvette 130) is Germanymarker's newest class of ocean-going corvettes. They supplement the Gepard class fast attack craft that are currently used but not particularly well suited for this mission. For administrative purposes these craft are classified as "boats" instead of "ships", and their commander is ranked as a Company commander, not as a battalion commander. However, in size and role these corvettes resemble modern frigates.

Technical details

They feature reduced radar and infrared signature ("stealth" beyond the Sachsen class frigate) and will be equipped with two helicopter UAV for remote sensing. Recently, the German Navy has ordered a first batch of 6 Camcopter S-100 UAVs for the use on the Braunschweig class corvettes. Also the German Army plans to procur the Camcopter S-100 for land-based missions. The hangar is too small for standard helicopters, but the pad is large enough for Sea King, Lynx or MH-90, the helicopters of the German Navy.

The planned program of the Polyphem missile system - optical fiber-guided missiles with a range of 60 km - was canceled in 2003. Instead, the RBS-15 is mounted. While the RBS-15 has a much greater range (250 km, after upgrade up to 400 km) it lacks the ECM-resistant video feedback of the Polyphem and is also just too large (and too expensive) for most targets.

The German Navy is seeking a replacement for the Polyphem missile and also has ordered the RBS 15 Mk. 4 in advance, which will be a future development of the Mk. 3 with increased range and a dual seeker.

Ship list

The ships were not actually built at a single shipyard. Sections were constructed at different locations at the same time and later married. The table lists the yard where the keel was officially laid down in a ceremony.

Name Shipyard Laid down Launched Commissioned
F260 Braunschweig Blohm + Voss December 3, 2004 April 19, 2006 April 16, 2008
F261 Magdeburg Lürssen-Werft May 19, 2005 September 6, 2006 September 22, 2008
F262 Erfurt Nordseewerke September 22, 2005 March 29, 2007
F263 Oldenburg Blohm + Voss January 19, 2006 June 28, 2007
F264 Ludwigshafen am Rhein Lürssen-Werft April 14, 2006 September 26, 2007


 Image:Korvette Braunschweig F260 2895.jpg
 Image:Korvette Braunschweig F260 2938.jpg
 Image:Korvette Braunschweig F260 2981.jpg
 Image:Korvette Braunschweig F260 3026.jpg
 Image:MAGDEBURG 130-02 2008-03-04 03.jpg|Corvette (F 261) Magdeburg
 Image:Korvette Oldenburg F 263.JPG|Corvette (F 263) Oldenburg
 Image:Korvette Ludwigshafen (F 264).jpg|Corvette (F 264)
Ludwigshafen am Rhein

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