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Brian Todd O'Leary is an Americanmarker scientist and a former NASAmarker astronaut. He was one of the sixth group of astronauts selected by NASAmarker in August 1967. This group of eleven were known as the scientist-astronauts, intended to train for the Apollo Applications Program—a follow-on to the moon landings.

As the number of missions of what was to be called "Skylab" were curtailed, the scientist-astronauts had plenty of spare time on their hands. They nicknamed themselves the 'XS-11'. O'Leary himself resigned in disgust and wrote about the experience in his first book, The Making of an Ex-Astronaut.

O'Leary was the deputy team leader for NASA Mariner 10 Venus-Mercury television science team. He has authored five other popular books and over 100 peer-reviewed article in the field of planetary science and astronautics and was one of the more visible advocates of Gerard K. O'Neill and the L5 Society's plans for an orbiting city.

In March 2001 O'Leary appeared briefly in Fox TV's "Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon," stating that "I can't say 100% for sure whether these men walked on the moon. It is possible that NASA could have covered it up, just in order to cut corners, and to be the first to allegedly go to the moon."

He has since stated that the programme edited his interview and thus his words were not in context - he has several times iterated that he fully accepts the reality of the success of the US lunar human spaceflight programme.

O'Leary is now retired and living in Ecuadormarker. He is now a supporter of the free energy suppression theory and has written several books about it.

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O'Leary's brief NASA career is chronicled in the book "NASA's Scientist-Astronauts" by David Shayler and Colin Burgess.


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