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The British Formula Three Championship is a national motor racing championship that takes place primarily in the United Kingdommarker with a small number of events in mainland Europe. It is a junior-level feeder formula that uses small single seater Formula Three chassis. Its current official title is the Cooper Tires British Formula 3 International Series. Notable former champions include Nelson Piquet, Mika Häkkinen, Ayrton Senna, Emerson Fittipaldi, and Sir Jackie Stewart.


The first Formula Three championship to take place in the UKmarker was the Autosport F3 championship held in 1951, which was won by Eric Brandon. By 1954, it had evolved into a national-level series and was organised by the British Racing and Sports Car Club (BRSCC). This was the 500cc period of Formula Three, which was active in the UK and other countries until 1959, at which point Formula Three was adapted into Formula Junior. In this period, there were often two or three series running concurrently and a single national series had yet to be firmly established. The FIA reintroduced Formula Three in 1964, and there were two F3 championships held in the UK that year, won by Jackie Stewart and Rodney Banting. This was not the last occasion of two or more F3 championships running concurrently in the post-1964 era: from 1970 to 1973, there were three regional series (the Lombard North, John Player, and Forward Trust championships) and there were normally two series between then and 1978. In 1984, the series adopted a B class for competitors with older chassis, which is now known as the National class.


Like most Formula Three championships, competitors in British F3 are permitted to use any eligible chassis. The minimum and maximum age of a chassis specification is dictated by the class in which its driver competes: International class entrants must use a chassis that meets the FIA's technical regulations as applicable to 2009, while National class entrants are restricted to cars that meet the 2007 FIA regulations. In practice, this means that class A cars must have been designed for the current three-year model cycle and class B cars must date from the previous cycle.

Dallara has been dominant since the mid-1990s – in both results and numbers – but the chassis of some of its main competitors have been adopted in small numbers. The Lola B06/30 and the Mygale M07/F3 are each represented by two-car teams and the older Dome F106 is used by a two-car team in the Scholarship class. In the interests of parity, identical tyres are supplied by Avon.

Two engine manufacturers – AMG-Mercedes (tuned by H.W.A) and Mugen-Honda (tuned by Neil Brown Engineering) – are currently represented on a full-time basis. The Speiss-Opel was used by Swiss Racing Team in a one-off appearance at Monza only. The regulations demand that all class B entrants must use Mugen-Honda of an identical specification, prepared and sealed by Neil Brown Engineering Limited.

All entrants in the series must use control tyres from a single supplier. Since 1982, these have been manufactured by Avon Tyres but, from the 2009 season onwards, these will be re-branded as Cooper Tires, as Cooper becomes the championship's official title sponsor.


The championship comprises eleven rounds, each with two races. The scoring system is identical for both races and both classes, arranged as follows:
 1st   2nd   3rd   4th   5th   6th   7th   8th   9th   10th 
 20   15   12   10   8   6   4   3   2   1 
A bonus point is awarded for the fastest race lap in each class. The event schedule takes place over three days (normally Friday to Sunday) with free practice sessions on the first day and two qualifying sessions (normally 30 minutes per session) on the second day. Each qualifying session determines the starting order for one of the two races that take place on the final day of the event. The race distance is set according to the number of laps that can be completed in a 30 minute period at any given circuit. If the requisite number of laps have not been completed after that time, the chequered flag is shown at the end of the current lap.


Season Series Name Champion Team Champion Chassis/engine
1951 Autosport F3 Eric Brandon Cooper-Norton
1952 Autosport F3 Don Parker Kieft-Norton
1953 Autosport F3 Don Parker Kieft-Norton
1954 BRSCC National F3 Les Leston Cooper-Norton
1955 BRSCC National F3 Jim Russell Cooper-Norton
JAP F3 Henry Taylor Cooper-JAP
1956 BRSCC National F3 Jim Russell Cooper-Norton
1957 BRSCC National F3 Jim Russell Cooper-Norton
1958 BRSCC National F3 Trevor Taylor Cooper-Norton
1959 BRSCC F3 Don Parker Cooper-Norton
1960 BRSCC F3 Jack Pitcher Cooper-Norton
John Davy Formula Junior Jim Clark Lotus-Ford
BRSCC Formula Junior Jack Pitcher Alexis-BMC
Motor Racing Formula Junior Jim Clark
Trevor Taylor
1961 BRSCC F3 Mike Ledbrook Cooper-Norton
John Davy Formula Junior Bill Moss Gemini-Ford
BRSCC Formula Junior Mike Ledbrook Lotus-Ford
Motor Racing Formula Junior Trevor Taylor Lotus-Ford
1962 John Davy Formula Junior John Fenning Lotus-Ford
1963 Express & Star Formula Junior Peter Arundell Lotus-Ford
BARC Formula Junior Peter Arundell Lotus-Ford
1964 Express & Star F3 Jackie Stewart Tyrrell Racing Cooper-BMC
BRSCC F3 Rodney Banting Lotus-BMC
SMRC F3 Sverrir Thoroddsson Lotus-Ford-Cosworth
1965 BRSCC F3 Tony Dean Brabham-Ford-Cosworth
BARC F3 Roy Pike Brabham-Ford-Cosworth
1966 Les Leston F3 Harry Stiller Brabham-Ford-Cosworth
1967 Les Leston F3 Harry Stiller Brabham-Ford-Cosworth
1968 Lombank F3 Tim Schenken Chevron-Ford-Cosworth
1969 Lombank F3 Emerson Fittipaldi Lotus-Ford-Cosworth
1970 Lombank F3 Dave Walker Lotus-Ford-Cosworth
Shellsport F3 Tony Trimmer Brabham-Ford-Cosworth
Forward Trust F3 Carlos Pace Lotus-Ford-Cosworth
1971 Lombard North F3 Roger Williamson March-Ford-Cosworth
Shellsport National F3 Dave Walker Lotus-Ford-Cosworth
Forward Trust BARC F3 Dave Walker Lotus-Ford-Cosworth
1972 Forward Trust BARC F3 Roger Williamson GRD-Ford-Cosworth
Lombard North F3 Rikky von Opel Ensign-Ford-Cosworth
Shellsport National F3 Roger Williamson GRD-Ford-Cosworth
1973 Forward Trust BARC F3 Ian Taylor March-Ford-Cosworth
Lombard North F3 Tony Brise March-Ford-Cosworth
John Player European F3 Tony Brise March-Ford-Cosworth
1974 Forward Trust BARC F3 Brian Henton March-Ford-Cosworth
Lombard North F3 Brian Henton March-Ford-Cosworth
1975 BP Super Visco F3 Gunnar Nilsson March-Toyota
1976 Shellsport F3 Bruno Giacomelli March-Toyota
BP Super Visco F3 Rupert Keegan March-Toyota
1977 Vandervell F3 Stephen South March-Toyota
BP F3 Derek Daly Chevron-Toyota
1978 Vandervell F3 Derek Warwick Ralt-Toyota
BP F3 Nelson Piquet Ralt-Toyota
1979 Vandervell British F3 Chico Serra Ralt-Toyota
1980 Vandervell British F3 Stefan Johansson March-Toyota
1981 Marlboro British F3 Jonathan Palmer Ralt-Toyota
1982 Marlboro British F3 Tommy Byrne Ralt-Toyota
1983 Marlboro British F3 Ayrton Senna Ralt-Toyota
1984 Marlboro British F3 Johnny Dumfries Ralt-Volkswagen
1985 Marlboro British F3 Maurício Gugelmin Ralt-Volkswagen
1986 Lucas British F3 Andy Wallace Reynard-Volkswagen
1987 Lucas British F3 Johnny Herbert Reynard-Volkswagen
1988 Lucas British F3 J.J. Lehto Reynard-Toyota
1989 Lucas British F3 David Brabham Ralt-Volkswagen
1990 British F3 Mika Häkkinen Ralt-Mugen-Honda
1991 British F3 Rubens Barrichello West Surrey Racing Ralt-Mugen-Honda
1992 British F3 Gil de Ferran Paul Stewart Racing Reynard-Mugen-Honda
1993 British F3 Kelvin Burt Paul Stewart Racing Reynard-Mugen-Honda
1994 British F3 Jan Magnussen Paul Stewart Racing Dallara-Mugen-Honda
1995 British F3 Oliver Gavin Edenbridge Racing Dallara-Vauxhall
1996 British F3 Ralph Firman Paul Stewart Racing Dallara-Mugen-Honda
1997 Autosport British F3 Jonny Kane Paul Stewart Racing Dallara-Mugen-Honda
1998 Autosport British F3 Mario Haberfeld Paul Stewart Racing Dallara-Mugen-Honda
1999 Autosport British F3 Marc Hynes Dallara-Mugen-Honda
2000 Green Flag British F3 Antônio Pizzonia Dallara-Mugen-Honda
2001 Green Flag British F3 Takuma Sato Dallara-Mugen-Honda
2002 Green Flag British F3 Robbie Kerr Dallara-Mugen-Honda
2003 British F3 International Alan van der Merwe Dallara-Mugen-Honda
2004 British F3 International Nelson Ângelo Piquet Carlin Motorsport Dallara-Mugen-Honda
2005 British F3 International Álvaro Parente Carlin Motorsport Dallara-Mugen-Honda
2006 Lloyds TSB Insurance British F3 International Mike Conway Räikkönen Robertson Racing Dallara-AMG-Mercedes
2007 Lloyds TSB Insurance British F3 International Marko Asmer Carlin Motorsport Dallara-AMG-Mercedes
2008 British F3 International Jaime Alguersuari Carlin Motorsport Dallara-AMG-Mercedes
2009 Cooper Tires British F3 International Series Daniel Ricciardo Carlin Motorsport Dallara-Volkswagen

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a. Includes the Championship class (A) and the National class (B).

b. Teams that are represented in both classes have been counted as single entities.


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