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Brontispa longissima (known as the Coconut leaf beetle, the Two-coloured coconut leaf beetle, or the Coconut hispine beetle) is a leaf beetle that feeds on young leaves and damages seedlings and mature coconut palms. It has become an increasingly serious pest of coconuts throughout various growing regions in the Pacific, especially over the last 3 decades, including Indonesiamarker, Solomon Islandsmarker, Vietnammarker, Nauru, Cambodiamarker, Laosmarker, Thailandmarker, Maldivesmarker, Myanmarmarker, Hainan Islandmarker, and Aru Islandsmarker, and most recently, the Philippinesmarker.

On September 27, 2007, Philippines' Metro Manilamarker and 26 provinces were quarantined due to having been infested with this pest (to save the $800-million Philippine coconut industry).

Control measures include pesticides, and biological control agents such as parasitic wasps (e.g., Asecodes hispinarum).

There is a similar-looking pest species of leaf beetle in a related genus, Plesispa reichei, also sometimes referred to as the "coconut leaf beetle", which is distinguished only with some difficult from B. longissima; primarily by its slightly broader body and stronger punctation.



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