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Bruno Gianelli is a fictional character from the television series The West Wing played by the late Ron Silver, who was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2002 for his performance. The character is loosely based on former Clinton strategist Dick Morris.

Gianelli is considered to be a brilliant political strategist, claiming that the only election campaigns he'd ever lost "are ones where the candidate didn't listen or the advice didn't get through." He was credited with the election of five senators, three governors, a Democratic candidate called Hacket in a place "where they haven't elected a Democrat in 46 years" and an Israeli Prime Minister. Unlike many of the other characters in the series, Gianelli is not depicted as being all that concerned about ideals and principles and serves more as a hired gun. Leo McGarry remarks he's probably never voted in his life, and at one point he jokes that he is made nervous by a campaign idea because, according to Sam Seaborn, "it's not amoral." The few times his own personal politics do come up he appears to be fairly moderate and, in fact, thinks both parties should be strong.

He managed President Jed Bartlet's re-election campaign in the third and fourth season for the 2002 Presidential election. He was cited by C.J. Cregg after Bartlet's victory as being the reason for the landslide.

Gianelli resurfaced in the show's sixth season as a campaign adviser to Republican Senator Arnold Vinick in his Presidential campaign for the 2006 election. During the Democratic primaries in the 2006 election, he was mentioned as having managed Governor Eric Baker's campaign for the Democratic nomination before Baker dropped out (having previously managed Baker's gubernatorial runs.) Gianelli then went to Vinick, a pro-choice moderate Republican who had just secured the Republican nomination for president, and proposed a 50-state strategy that would allow Vinick to unite the country after years of partisan, wedge-issue politics (that Gianelli admitted he himself had contributed to). When questioned why he, a supposed Democrat, would be willing to run the campaign of a Republican, he reasoned that this would also help the Democrats by moving the Republicans away from the right-wing, therefore shielding Democrats from right-wing allegations that they are "unpatriotic."

After the 2006 Presidential election was over, Gianelli stated he hoped to retire to his home on the Hudson River in upstate New Yorkmarker. Senator Vinick's loss in the election to Democrat Matt Santos did perhaps end Bruno's winning streak, although Vinick and his other senior advisors did sometimes ignore Bruno's advice, so the loss may have fitted into Bruno's assertion about candidates who ignored his advice losing. At numerous points in the campaign, Bruno clashed with the Republicans advisers to Vinick (Sheila Brooks, Bob Mayer, Jane Braun, Ray Sullivan and RNC Chairman Steve Hodder) over the campaign's message, with Bruno advocating a centrist message more often than the other advisers, and Bruno sometimes clashed with Vinick himself. On Election Day, he was visibly upset by the death of Leo McGarry, having worked closely with him during President Bartlet's re-election campaign four years previously. He advised Vinick not to contest Matt Santos' electoral victory, despite McGarry's death.

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