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Buda (German: Ofen) is the western part of the Hungarianmarker capital Budapestmarker on the west bank of the Danube. The name Buda takes its name from the name of Bleda the Hun ruler, whose name is also Buda in Hungarian. The Roman name for Buda was Aquincummarker ("aqua" means "water" in Latin.)

Buda comprises about one-third of Budapest'smarker complete territory and is mostly wooded and hilly. It is usually associated with a higher standard of living, although this depends on the area. Notable landmarks include the Buda Castlemarker and the Citadellamarker.


Buda was the capital of Hungarymarker from 1361 until its capture by the Ottoman Empire in 1541. Pressburgmarker/Pozsony (today Bratislava, Slovakiamarker) became the new capital of Hungary in 1536. In 1686 Buda was captured by Austriamarker, but because of its devastation from warfare, numerous Germans were brought in to help resettle the city. Buda was declared a free royal town in 1703, and became the Hungarian capital again in 1784. Buda was united with the towns Óbudamarker and Pestmarker in 1873 to form Budapestmarker.


While Pestmarker was mostly Hungarian in the 15th century, Buda had a German majority. Germans — also clinging to their language — partly crowded out, partly assimilated the Hungarians and Serbians they have found here. With the rural population moving in the capital city, in the 19th century slowly Hungarians became the majority in Buda too.

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