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Bullet is a 1996 crime drama film directed by Julien Temple and starring Mickey Rourke, Tupac Shakur, John Enos III, Ted Levine,Adrien Brody and Donnie Wahlberg. The screenplay was written by Rourke and Bruce Rubenstein. The film was released a month after Shakur's murder.

Mickey Rourke was also the music supervisor of the film. It had limited distribution in theatres in US and was shot in New Yorkmarker with a significant portion in Brooklynmarker.


Bullet is the story of Butch "Bullet" Stein (Rourke), who leaves prison after serving an 8-year term. But he soon ends up going back to his old ways when he rips off a heroin dealer and falls back into his old drug habits. He returns home to his dysfunctional Jewish family, including his mentally ill, Vietnam-veteran brother Louis (Ted Levine), and esteemed artist brother Ruby (Adrien Brody). Bullet's father is in constant disappointment of his three sons, and criticizes Bullet for throwing his life away regardless of the potential he had from baseball scholarships. As Bullet copes with his regrets and struggles with being wrapped up in his own problems, Tank (Tupac Shakur), a powerful drug lord, plots revenge on Bullet for taking his eye while together in prison. He plans to kill Bullet with an extremely potent dose of heroin, distinctive by its red rubber band. The plan is ruined when the heroin is stolen by armed men immediately after bullet buys it from a dealer. Unaware of the danger that had lay before him, Bullet continues with his criminal lifestyle. Tank later confronts Bullet with a hardened fighter as his secret weapon. He and Bullet engage in a fist fight, which later ends when Tank's fighter accidentally breaks his hand. Eventually, Tank returns to murder Bullet at a nightclub, where he corners him against a fence and kills him with a blast from a shotgun. Following Bullet's funeral, Tank is shown returning to his home later on. Louis (who had witnessed Bullet's murder firsthand), bound in black clothing, stealthily rappels down from a rope and lands behind Tank. He then proceeds to slit Tank's throat with a large knife, and releases Bullet's rat from prison atop Tank's body. The movie then ends with Louis saying, "payback's, motherfucker."

Different Versions

In the USA two versions of the movie have been released, the r-rated and unrated version. To obtain an R-Rating the movie had to be cut slightly. The unrated versions includes a bit more violence and nudity/sexscenes.



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