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 was a   after Tenshō and before Keichō. This period spanned the years from December 1592 to October 1596. The reigning emperor was  .

Change of era

  • 1592 : The era name was changed. The previous era ended and a new one commenced in Tenshō 20.

Events of the Bunroku era

  • 1592 (Bunroku 1): Toyotomi Hideyoshi invades Koreamarker (Bunroku no Eki), also known as Bunroku Keichō no Eki.
  • 1592 (Bunroku 1): Ogasawara Sadayori claims to have discovered the Bonin Islandsmarker; and the territory was granted to him as a fief by Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
  • 1592 (Bunroku 1): Silver coins called Bunroku-tsūhō were minted to pay Hideyoshi's troops. The 23.25 mm diameter coins weighed 1 momme (approximately 3.75 g). Copper coins were issued at the same time, but none are known to have survived.
  • 1593 (Bunroku 2): Toyotomi Hideyori is born to Hideyoshi's mistress Yodo-Dono -- an infant son and possible heir.
  • 1595 (Bunroku 4): Toyotomi Hidetsugu loses his position and power.

  • 1589-1595: An agrarian reform (Bunroku no Kenchi) initiated by Hideyoshi; a general census of the population and a national survey.


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