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Bygdøy or Bygdø is a peninsula on the western side of Oslomarker, Norwaymarker. It has several museums, like the Kon-Tiki Museummarker, the Norwegian Museum of Cultural Historymarker (Norsk Folkemuseum), the Viking Ship Museummarker, the Norwegian Maritime Museum and the ship Frammarker, used by Roald Amundsen.

The royal estates Bygdøy kongsgård and Oscarshallmarker are also located here, and Bygdøy is one of Norway's oldest cultural landscapes with a rich history. Bygdøy has beautiful parks and forests and some of Oslo's most popular beaches, including the Huk ordinary and nudist beach. In 1885 there were only 111 houses at Bygdøy, today most of the huge gardens have been and are being split into smaller patches of land, making Bygdøy largely a residential zone, however retaining a profile of upscale demographics. Large parts of the area such as The King's Forest and the royal estate are protected from development, however.

Administratively, Bygdøy belongs to the borough of Frognermarker.

The name

The name is from Norse times (Bygðey). The first element is bygð 'built district' (= area with houses and population) - in Norse times this was the only inhabitated island in the inner part of Oslofjord. The last element is ey 'island'. (Bygdøy was originally an island, but it became a peninsula because of post-glacial rebound.)

The island belonged to the Cistercian monastery at Hovedøyamarker, but is was confiscated by the Crown in 1532. The name was then changed to "Ladegaardsøen". The first element in this new name was ladegård m 'farm to give a manor (here Akershus fortressmarker) income'. The last element -øen is the Norwegian (and Danish) finite form of ø 'island'.

The old name was revived in 1877. It was first spelled "Bygdø", but from 1918 officially spelled "Bygdøy". However, the name Bygdø is preferred by many of its inhabitants and other West End inhabitants.

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