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CKMI-TV-1 is the Global Television Network owned-and-operated station in Quebecmarker.

Originally a privately owned CBC Television affiliate in Quebec Citymarker, the station moved most of its operations to Montreal in 1997 after launching a rebroadcaster there and becoming a Global affiliate. This was made official in 2009 when the Montreal rebroadcaster became its primary transmitter and city of license.

The station is owned by Canwest. Its main production facilities and news operations are located in a studio shared with French language network TVA on De Maisonneuve Boulevardmarker East in Montreal.


The station was founded in 1957 on VHF channel 5 as the second privately owned station in Quebec, co-owned by Télévision de Québec along with the province's first private station, CFCM-TVmarker. Its studios were located alongside CFCM's facilities in Sainte-Foymarker, then a suburb of Quebec City. Télévision de Québec was a consortium of cinema chain Famous Players and Quebec City's two privately-owned radio stations, CHRC and CKCV. It immediately became Quebec City's CBC Television affiliate, taking all English programming from CFCM. In 1964, following the opening of CBVTmarker, CFCM disaffiliated from Radio-Canada (the French language arm of the CBC) and joined the loose association of independent stations that evolved into TVA, while CKMI remained with CBC.

Télévision de Québec was nearly forced to sell its stations in 1969 due to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission's (CRTC) new rules requiring radio and television stations to be 80% Canadian-owned. The largest shareholder, Famous Players, was a subsidiary of Paramount Pictures. Eventually, Famous Players reduced its shares to 20% by 1971, allowing Télévision de Québec to keep CKMI and CFCM. The company renamed itself Télé-Capitale in 1974.

MI-5 logo, used during the years of CBC affiliation.
CKMI and CFCM were bought by Pathonic in 1979, and then by Télé-Metropole (which changed its name to TVA) in 1989. For many years, CKMI was known on-air as "MI-5."

CKMI faced severe financial problems for much of its history as a CBC affiliate, in large part because the area's anglophone population was just barely large enough for the station to be viable as a privately-owned CBC affiliate. (Quebec City, unlike Montreal, is a virtually unilingual francophone city.) For most of its first 40 years on the air, it stayed afloat only because of the revenues from CFCM (long the dominant station in Quebec City). Much of its viewership came from anglophone members of the National Assembly and anglophone provincial government employees.

First logo as a Global station, used from 1997 to 2006
began airing Global shows in the 1980s. By 1992, however, growing financial trouble forced CKMI to drop all non-CBC programming and become a de facto repeater of Montreal's CBC O&O, CBMTmarker. It also carried CBMT's newscasts, though CKMI aired its own five-minute newscast, Inside Quebec, before CBMT's Newswatch on weeknights.

Relief did not come until 1997, when TVA sold controlling interest in the station to Izzy Asper's Canwest, while retaining 49% interest. TVA and Canwest formed a joint venture that assumed ownership of CKMI and disaffiliated the station from CBC, making it a Global station. As part of the deal, CKMI moved to from channel 5 to channel 20, while the CBC set up a rebroadcaster of CBMT on channel 5, using CKMI's old transmitter and site in Sainte-Foy; CKMI's new channel 20 site was installed atop Mount Bélairmarker, where most of Quebec City's FM and television transmitters are located. CKMI then added semi-satellites in Montreal and Sherbrookemarker. The purchase of CKMI gave Canwest's stations enough coverage of Canada that shortly after the deal was closed, it rebranded all its stations as the Global Television Network. In 2002, Global bought out TVA's remaining interest in CKMI.

The station shifted focus of its operations, as well as the focus of its news coverage, to Montreal soon after the launch of the Montreal transmitter. It also began sending its signal to the Montreal transmitter first. However, until 2009 the station remained licensed to Quebec City, and its "official" main studio remained in Sainte-Foy.

CKMI-TV is Global's only former CBC station never owned by WIC.

Global Quebec logo, 2006-2009
's financial situation has not improved much since joining Global, though in recent years it has waged a spirited battle with CBMT for second place behind long-dominant CFCF-TVmarker. It has been argued that Global Quebec's poor financial performance was due to Canwest not being able to sell local advertising in Montreal, home to three-fourths of Quebec's anglophone population. However, when the station moved its city of license to Montreal in 2009, it gained local advertising rights in Montreal for the first time. It also rebranded from "Global Quebec" to "Global Montreal".

As part of a number of cutbacks to Global operations across the country, Canwest closed the station's Sherbrooke bureau and halved the number of employees working at the Quebec City bureau in February 2008. Sherbrooke is now covered by reporters based at the Montreal and Quebec City bureaus.

News programming

Global Quebec currently airs a 30-minute newscast at 6:00 pm (Evening News) and a one-hour newscast at 11:00 pm (News Final) seven days a week. The Saturday edition of News Final, is shortened to half an hour to allow the broadcast of Saturday Night Live. Global also airs a half-hour program called Focus Montreal, looking at the events in Montreal during the past week.

Along with a number of other Global stations, Global Quebec introduced a Greenscreen virtual studio in 2008. The cameras, lighting and reports are remotely controlled (like other regional Global news studios) from Global's broadcast centre in Vancouvermarker. A number of Montreal-based employees were made redundant with the introduction of this technology, however all Global Quebec anchors are still based out of Montreal.

Meteorologist Anthony Farnell is no longer based in Montreal with CKMI, and presents weather forecasts remotely for CKMI from the studios of sister station CIII-TVmarker in Torontomarker.

Current anchors and reporters

  • Montreal bureau
    • Jamie Orchard
    • Mike LeCouteur
    • Tim Sargeant
    • Domenic Fazioli
    • Anne Leclair
    • Amanda Jelowicki

  • Quebec City bureau
    • Caroline Plante

Former anchors and presenters

  • Andrew Peplowski
  • Tracy McKee
  • Paul Graif
  • Richard Dagenais

Discontinued programming

This Morning Live

After being rebranded as Global, the station aired a live two and a half hour (and subsequently three) hour morning magazine program from Montreal called This Morning Live, hosted by Andrew Peplowski and Tracy McKee. It was aired in place of cartoons that aired on most Global stations in the morning because Quebec provincial law requires children's programming to be shown commercial-free over the air. A side benefit of this was that it added enough Canadian content to the station's schedule that it could air American talk shows in the afternoon.

This Morning Live was last cancelled in late 2007 and the last program was broadcast on February 27, 2008. News Final, which had been off air due to low ratings since June 2006, but was brought back after This Morning Live was canceled to help maintain the number of locally produced broadcast hours.

Global Tonight

An evening lifestyle program that suffered poor ratings and was succeeded by Global News @ 5:30.

QC Magazine

A weekly program covering the week's news in Quebec City; cancelled when the Quebec City bureau was scaled down in 2007.


Semi-satellites are in bold italics
Station City of licence Analog channel Digital channel ERP HAAT Transmitter Coordinates
CKMI-TV Quebec Citymarker 20 (UHF) allocated 39 86.2 kW 446.3 m
CKMI-TV-2 Sherbrookemarker 11 (VHF) allocated 41 24.3 kW 613.1 m

Digital television and high definition

As of October 2008, CKMI-DT-1 has not yet begun broadcasting.

After the analogue television shutdown and digital conversion, which is tentatively scheduled to take place on August 31, 2011 , CKMI-DT-1 is required to begin broadcasts in Montreal on its current assigned channel number, 51. However, through the use of PSIP, digital television receivers will display CKMI-DT-1's virtual channel as 46.1. The station has also been assigned channel 20 in Quebec City and channel 11 in Sherbrooke (its current analogue positions) for digital use after the transition is completed. Even though the station has been allocated channel 39 in Quebec Citymarker, V station CFAP-DTmarker will take channel 39 when the transition is completed.


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