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CKND-TV is a television station that broadcasts from Winnipegmarker, Manitobamarker, Canadamarker. It is part of the Global Television Network.


The station's history can be traced back to 1959, where the establishment of its predecessor, KCND-TV, was announced on February 20. It went on the air in Pembina, North Dakotamarker on channel 12 in November 1960. However, the station depended almost entirely on advertising from Winnipeg.

In the early 1970s, Peter Liba, who was then the executive assistant to Izzy Asper, spotted an advertisement from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) that called for applications for a new Winnipeg television station. Liba suggested that he and Asper make a bid.

Asper flew to Texasmarker and back many times over the next few months to convince KCND's owner, Gordon McLendon, to sell the station's assets. He finally convinced McLendon that a new Winnipeg station would likely hurt KCND, since Winnipeg advertisers would probably no longer be allowed to deduct their American advertising costs from their taxes for much longer. McLendon sold the station's facilities and equipment to Asper for $750,000.

In September 1974, Asper's group was awarded a broadcasting licence from the CRTC for Winnipeg channel 9, beating two other competitors. They bought property that was formerly a Safeway store on St. Mary's Road for its studios (where the station resided until September, 2008) and moved the old KCND facilities to Winnipeg. CKND's current call letters were obtained by reversing the K and C in KCND.
The CKND ribbon logo was used for about 20 years from 1975-1994.
During Labour Day weekend, on August 31, 1975, KCND signed off and CKND signed on channel 9 (broadcast) and channel 12 (cable), both shown prominently in the station's logo. A new transmitter had been built at the Winnipeg studios, and KCND's old transmitter was moved to Minnedosa, a small town 46 km north of Brandonmarker, to serve western Manitoba. Together, the two transmitters reach 91% of Manitoba's population. CKND's first program that night was the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon.

In 1981, KCND became the call letters for KCND-FM, the first Prairie Public Radio (now North Dakota Public Radio) station in Bismarck, North Dakotamarker.

On August 11, 1985, channel 12 returned in Pembina, North Dakota, as KNRR, a satellite of soon-to-be Fox affiliate KVRRmarker channel 15 in Fargomarker. While KNRR's over-the-air signal did reach Winnipeg, it was not carried on Shaw or MTS TV, who opted for Rochester'smarker WUHFmarker, instead.
The last logo used by CKND before going Global.
The first logo used while as Global Winnipeg.
Along with the other Canwest-owned stations, CKND was rebranded as Global in the fall of 1997.

CKND's studios also produce Fox Soccer Report, which airs throughout the world on Fox Sports World Canada, Fox Soccer Channel, and Fox Sports Middle East.

On September 1, 2008, CKND moved its operations downtown to Canwest Place.

On November 14, 2009, Global Winnipeg will introduce at 10pm newscast on weekends.



  • Peter Chura - Evening News (Weekdays at 6 pm)
  • Nicole Dube - Evening News (Weekends at 6 pm), Prime News (Weekends at 10 pm)
  • Eva Kovacs - Evening News (Weekdays at 6 pm), Prime News (Weekdays at 10 pm), News Final (Weekdays at 11 pm)


  • Craig Larkins - Weekdays


  • Russ Hobson - Weekdays @ 10 & 11
  • Joe Pascucci - Sports Director/Weekdays @ 6
  • Mitch Rosset - Weekends


  • Nicole Dube
  • Crystal Goomansingh - Global National Manitoba correspondent
  • Nelly Gonzalez - Substitute anchor
  • Jeff Keele
  • Shannon Martin - Substitute Anchor
  • Lorraine Nickel
  • Mitch Rosset
  • Lindsay Warner
  • Laura White

Former CKND Personalities

  • Barry Burns, former news anchor
  • Lisa Best, former entertainment reporter. Currently with CJGV-FM
  • Linda Fabian, former reporter
  • Jim Farrell, former news anchor
  • Kristin Firth, former news anchor
  • Stan Kubicek, former weather person and station announcer
  • Jon Lovlin, former news anchor, current News Director
  • Don Marks, former news anchor
  • Curtis Moore, former weather person
  • Gus Nanton, former news anchor (host of "CKND Newscap")
  • Jeremy St. Louis, former weather person
  • Linden Soles, former news anchor
  • Marjorie Stevens, former news anchor (known originally as Marjorie Salki)
  • Diana Swain, former news anchor. Currently with CBLTmarker
  • Brian Swain, former news anchor (deceased)
  • Derrick Oliver, former news anchor
  • Kate Stutsman, former weather/community anchor. Currently with CHCH-TVmarker
  • Adrienne Pan, former news anchor
  • Stephanie Armstrong, former Meteorologist. Currently with CBXTmarker
  • Tyler Calver, former sports anchor. Formerly with CHEK-TVmarker, now with CHEX-TVmarker
  • Andrea Slobodian, Former Weather/Community Anchor. Now with Shaw TV Calgary
  • Meera Bahadoosingh, Former Reporter. Now with Shaw TV Winnipeg


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