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Cajamarca is a region in Perumarker. The capital is the city of Cajamarcamarker. It is located in the north part of the country and shares a border with Ecuadormarker. It is located in the Andes Mountain Range, the longest mountain range in the world, and partly in the Amazon Rainforest, the largest in the world.

It is divided in thirteen provinces.

Province (Capital)

  1. Cajabamba (Cajabambamarker)
  2. Cajamarca (Cajamarcamarker)
  3. Celendín (Celendínmarker)
  4. Chota (Chota)
  5. Contumazá (Contumazámarker)
  6. Cutervo (Cutervo)
  7. Hualgayoc (Bambamarca)
  8. Jaén (Jaénmarker)
  9. San Ignacio (San Ignacio)
  10. San Marcos (San Marcosmarker)
  11. San Miguel (San Miguel de Pallaques)
  12. San Pablomarker (San Pablomarker)
  13. Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz de Succhubamba)

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