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Caledon (2006 Population 57,050) is a town in the Regional Municipality of Peelmarker in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontariomarker, Canadamarker. In terms of land use, Caledon is somewhat urban, though it is primarily rural in nature. Many of Toronto's wealthiest citizens own large country estates in the area, among them many members of the Eaton Family, Norman Jewison, Elton John and the inventors of the board game Trivial Pursuit. It consists of an amalgamation of a number of urban areas, villages, and hamlets; its major urban centre with typified suburban housing mixed with old town charm is Boltonmarker, located on its eastern side adjacent to York Regionmarker.

Caledon is one of three municipalities of Peel Regionmarker. The town is located just northwest of the city of Bramptonmarker.

Maclean's magazine has named Caledon as the safest town in Canada to live in for two years running.


Caledon is divided into five wards represented on town council by:

  • Mayor Marolyn Morrison
  • Area Councillor Ward 1 Doug Beffort
  • Area Councillor Ward 2 Gord McClure
  • Area Councillor Ward 3 & 4 Nick deBoer
  • Area Councillor Ward 5 Jason Payne

Representation on regional council:
  • Mayor Marolyn Morrison
  • Regional Councillor Ward 1 Richard Paterak
  • Regional Councillor Ward 2 Allan Thompson
  • Regional Councillor Ward 3 & 4 Richard Whitehead
  • Regional Councillor Ward 5 Annette Groves

Per capita, Caledon has by far the largest representation on Peel Regional Council among the three municipalities.

Caledon also has a Mayor's Youth Council consisting of about 20 Caledon youth who host two meetings each month. They hold positions mirroring the town council, and inform them about issues important to the youth of Caledon.

The Caledon East Complex Centre has recently had an ice pad built.

Visible Minorities

Caledon has seen some migration of visible minorities in recent years. 4.97% of Caledon was a visible minority, of which the highest percent was of Blacks 30.74%, South Asians 27.94%, Chinese 8.38%, West Asian 7.19% and Latino 6.79%. Caledon also has small Arab, Japanese, Korean and Filipino populations. However it should be noted that the influx of such populations is strongly discouraged by the wider wasp community.


The primary administrative and commercial centre of Caledon is the community of Boltonmarker, which the municipal government estimated as having a population of 26,478 in 2006.

Smaller communities in the town include Albion, Alloa, Alton, Belfountain, Boston Mills, Brimstone, Caledon, Caledon East, Campbells Cross, Castlederg, Cataract, Cedar Meadows, Cedar Mills, Cheltenham, Claude, Coulterville, Ferndale, Forks of the Credit, The Grange, Humber, Humber Grove, Inglewood, Kilmanagh, Lockton, Mayfield West, Macville, Melville, McLeodville, Mono Mills, Mono Road, New Glasgow, Palgrave, Queensgate, Rockside, Rosehill, Sandhill, Silver Creek, Sleswick, Sligo, Snelgrove, Stonehart, Taylorwoods, Terra Cotta, Tormore, Valleywood and Victoria. The region is otherwise very sparsely populated with farms being the only residential centres.


School (Location)
  • Allan Drive Middle School (Bolton)
  • Alloa Public School (Caledon)
  • Alton Public School (Alton)
  • Belfountain Public School (Belfountain)
  • Bolton Montessori School (Private)
  • Caledon Central Public School (Caledon)
  • Caledon East Public School (Caledon East)
  • Countryside Montessori and Private School
  • Credit View Public School (Cheltenham)
  • Ellwood Memorial Public School (Bolton)
  • Herb Campbell Public School (Campbell's Cross)
  • Holy Family
  • Humberview Secondary School (Bolton)
  • Huttonville Public School (Huttonville)
  • King's College School (Private)
  • James Bolton Public School (Bolton)
  • Macville Public School (Bolton)
  • Mayfield Secondary School (Caledon)
  • Palgrave Public School (Palgrave)
  • Pope John Paul II
  • Robert F. Hall Catholic Secondary School (Caledon East)
  • St. Cornelius (Caledon East)
  • St. John the Baptist
  • St. Nicholas


GO Transit operates two bus routes in Caledon;

The town currently has no government-supported local public transit system. However, growing population prompted a resident to start a trial system (2 routes) contracted to privately-owned transit operator M├ętis Transit Limited that briefly ran a service in 2006. Caledon Township also ran a commercial bus operations (Caledon Transit Incorporated) in 1999, but it ceased operations due to low ridership.

Accessible transit services are provided by Caledon Community Services Transportation and Transhelp (run by Peel Region).

Taxi service is also available in the Bolton, Ontariomarker area.

The highways in the municipality are:


History and trails

  • Brick Work Ruins (Caledon)
  • Bruce Trail (Caledon)
  • Caledon Trailway (Caledon)
  • Canadian Heritage Humber River (Caledon)
  • Elora-Cataract Trail (Caledon)
  • Grand Valley Trail (Caledon)
  • Great War Flying Museum (Caledon)
  • Humber Valley Trail (Caledon)
  • Andrews Treasuretrail (Caledon)
  • Oak Ridges Trail (Caledon)
  • Caledon Ski Club
  • Hair Pin Turn (Beside the Credit River)
  • Caledon Central Public School

Protected areas

  • Albion Hills Conservation Area (Caledon)
  • Alton Forest Conservation Area (Caledon)
  • Belfountain Conservation Area (Caledon)
  • Caledon Lake Forest Conservation Area (Caledon)
  • Forks of the Credit Provincial Park (Caledon)
  • Glen Haffy Conservation Area (Caledon)
  • Heart Lake Conservation Area (Brampton)
  • Ken Whillans Conservation Area (Caledon)
  • Palgrave Conservation Area (Caledon)
  • Robert Baker Forest Conservation Area (Caledon)
  • Terra Cotta Forest Conservation Area (Caledon)
  • Warwick Conservation Area

Notable people

  • Brad Campaigne -Canadian Lighting Designer

Emergency services


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