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Cameron Indoor Stadium is a basketball arena home to the Duke Blue Devils located on the West Campus of Duke Universitymarker in Durham, North Carolinamarker.


Summer of 2006
Supposedly, the plans for the stadium were drawn up in 1935 by basketball coach Eddie Cameron. The stadium was designed by Julian Abele, who had studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, France. The same architectural firm that built the Palestramarker was brought in to build the new stadium. The arena was dedicated on January 6, 1940, having cost $400,000. At the time, it was the largest gymnasium in the country south of the Palestra at the University of Pennsylvaniamarker. Originally called "Duke Indoor Stadium," it was renamed for Cameron on 1972-01-22.

The building originally included seating for 8,800, though standing room was sufficient to ensure that 12,000 could fit in on a particularly busy day. Then, as now, Duke students were allocated a large number of the seats, including those in the lower sections directly alongside the court. Renovations in 1987–1988 removed the standing room areas, added an electronic scoreboard and display over center court, wood paneling, brass railings and student seats, bringing capacity to 9,314. For high profile games, students are known to pack in as many as 1,600 into the student sections, designed for a maximum of 1,100. Prior to the 2002–2003 basketball season, air conditioning units were installed in Cameron for the first time as a response to health and odor concerns for players and fans alike. Prior to the 2008-09 season, a new video scoreboard replaced the electronic board over center court. Before the 2009-10 season, additional changes were made, including installing LED ribbon boards to the front of the press table and painting the upper seats Duke blue.


Duke's men's basketball teams have had a decided home-court advantage for many years, thanks to the diehard students and fans affectionately known as "Cameron Crazies" for their aggressiveness, tough catcalls, bleacher jumping and other actions used to create loud noises (for example, in the 02-22-09 showdown vs. Wake Forest, the arena reached 116 dB, similar in volume to jet engines at takeoff, louder than a jackhammer, and nearing the 120 dB threshold for pain) and rattle opposing offenses. Typically, the seats near the court as well as standing room is reserved for students who wait hours in order to access those areas come game time. The very active fan base has helped in Duke's unprecedented success in home games during the Coach K era.

For access to major games, including those against the University of North Carolina, students tent for months in an area outside of Cameron known as "Krzyzewskivillemarker." The hardwood floor was dedicated and renamed Coach K Court in February 2001, in recognition of head coach Mike Krzyzewski's 500th win at Duke.

Media coverage

In EA Sports's NCAA March Madness 2005 and '06, Cameron Indoor Stadium ranked first in the top twenty-five toughest places to play. Additionally, Sports Illustrated ranks it fourth on a list of the world's top 20 sporting venues, and USA Today referred to it as "the toughest road game in the nation".

Milestone Games

 Sources: Statistics published by Duke University as of the end of the 2002 season;
Game no. Date Result
Game 1 1940-01-06 Duke 56, Princeton 27
Game 100 1948-02-19 Duke 57, Virginia 48
Game 200 1957-02-27 Duke 81, Virginia 66
Game 300 1967-02-21 Duke 97, Wake Forest 84
Game 400 1976-12-11 Duke 65, Richmond 63
Game 500 1984-01-26 N.C. State 79, Duke 76
Game 600 1990-12-29 Duke 134, Lehigh 67
Game 700 1997-02-27 Duke 81, Maryland 69
Game 800 2004-01-17 Duke 84, Wake Forest 72

Additionally, the facility hosted the Southern Conference men's basketball tournament from 1947 to 1950.

Home court advantage

Records at Cameron Indoor Stadium

All-Time: 722-148 (.830) (as of 2008-03-06)

Coach K: 318-48 (.850) (entering the 2005-2006 season)

Last 300 games: 277-23 (.923) (entering the 2005-2006 season)

Non-conference win streaks

As of 2009-01-17, Duke has the longest non-conference home court win streak with 68 wins since the last non-conference loss at Cameron. Their last non-conference home loss came February 26, 2000 when the then #2 Blue Devils lost 82-83 against unranked St. John's Red Storm.

The longest non-conference home win streak in school history lasted 95 games, from 1983-02-02–1995-12-02, beginning with a 73-71 win over William and Marymarker and ending with a 65-75 loss to Illinois.

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