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Can Dündar (Born June 16, 1961, Ankaramarker, Turkeymarker) is a Turkish journalist, columnist and documentarian. He is one of the best known figures in Turkish media, described as possessing "impeccable republican credentials".


He studied journalism in Ankara University, The Faculty of Political Science and graduated in 1982. He continued his education in London School of Journalism in 1986. Can Dündar received his masters (1988) and doctorate (1996) degrees in politics from Middle East Technical Universitymarker, Ankara.

He has produced many television programs for the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) and various private channels. He currently writes a column for Milliyet.

He is married and has one child. His father allegedly worked for the National Intelligence Organization.


He has been criticized for his work "Mustafa" which depicted the founder of Republic of Turkey as a regular man with his fears, passions and humanly expectations, rather than a life-size hero.

He was photographed kissing a young woman intimately on a boat tour around Bosporus. He was accused of an extra-marital affair, and especially being insincere after writing about his love for his wife so many times in his column.


  • Demirkırat (1991),
  • 12 Mart (March 12)(1994),
  • Cumhuriyetin Kraliçeleri (The Queens of the Republic) (1992),
  • Sarı Zeybek (The yellow zeybek) (1993), Gölgedekiler (The ones in the shadow)(1994-1995),
  • Yükselen Bir Deniz (The Rising Sea)(1998),
  • İsmet Paşa (1999),
  • Devlet Tiyatroları (Government theaters)(1999),
  • Köy Enstitüleri (Village Institutes) (2000),
  • Halef (The Succesor) (2003),
  • Nazım Hikmet (2002),
  • Bir Yaşam İksiri (A life potion) (2003),
  • Yüzyılın Aşkları (Loves of the century)(2004),
  • Karaoğlan (Black boy)(2004),
  • Mustafa (2008)


  • Hayata ve Siyasete Dair (About life and politics),
  • Yağmurdan Sonra(After the rain),
  • Ergenekon. The first book on Ergenekonmarker.
  • Yarım Haziran(Half June),
  • Benım Gençliğim(My youth),
  • Köy Enstitüleri(Village institutes),
  • Yaveri Atatürk'ü Anlatıyor (Atatürk's assistant talks about him),
  • Nereye?(Where to?),
  • Uzaklar(Far away places),
  • Yükselen Deniz(The see that's going up),
  • Savaşta Ne Yaptın Baba?(What have you done in the war, father?),
  • Büyülü Fener(Magic Lantern),
  • Bir Yaşam İksiri(A life potion),
  • Mustafa Kemal Aramızda(Mustafa Kemal is Among Us),
  • Yıldızlar(The stars),
  • Demirkırat,
  • Sarı Zeybek(Yellow zeybek),
  • Gölgedekiler(The ones in the shadow)
  • İlk Türk Hititologu: Sedat Alp, (First Turkish hittitologue: Sedat Alp)
  • Kırmızı Bisiklet(Red bike),
  • Nazım,
  • Karaoğlan(Black boy),
  • Vehbi Koç,
  • İsmet Paşa,
  • Yüzyılın Aşkları(The loves of the century),
  • Yakamdaki Yüzler(The faces on my collar),
  • Ben Böyle Veda Etmeliyim(I should say goodbye like that).


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