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Expenditures by federal and provincial organizations on scientific research and development accounted for about 10% of all such spending in Canada in 2006. These organizations are active in natural and social science research, engineering research, industrial research and medical research.

Below is a list of Canadian Federal and Provincial Government scientific research organizations as of January 2008. In some cases the agency mentioned is dedicated exclusively to scientific research, a good example being the National Research Council Canada. In other cases the organization conducts scientific research within the framework of a much larger mandate such as the transportation research undertaken by the Transportation Development Centre in Montreal which occurs as part on the general transportation regulatory function of Transport Canada. While most of the organizations mentioned here are "brick and mortar" some, such as the Canadian Institutes of Health Research are "virtual" and consist of dedicated groups of researchers who are geographically dispersed but remain in close contact through electronic means.

Total funding for the organizations listed below amounted to about C$2.5 billion in 2006, or about 10% of all scientific research and development spending in Canada.

Federal government organizations devoted exclusively to scientific research

  • Canadian Biodiversity Information Facility (Virtual Research Institute)

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research (Virtual Research Institutes)
    • Institute of Aboriginal Peoples' Health,
    • Institute of Aging,
    • Institute of Cancer Research,
    • Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health,
    • Institute of Gender and Health,
    • Institute of Genetics,
    • Institute of Health Services and Policy Research,
    • Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health,
    • Institute of Infection and Immunity,
    • Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis,
    • Institute of Neurosciences, Mental Health and Addiction,
    • Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes,
    • Institute of Population and Public Health

  • Defence Research and Development Canada - HQ Ottawa, Ontario
    • Defence R&D Canada Suffield - Suffield, Alberta
    • Defence R&D Canada Toronto - Toronto, Ontario
    • Defence R&D Canada Ottawa - Ottawa, Ontario
    • Defence R&D Canada Centre for Security Science - Ottawa, Ontario,
    • Defence R&D Canada Valcartier - Valcartier, Quebec
    • Defence R&D Canada Atlantic - Halifax, Nova Scotia
    • Defence R&D Canada Centre for Operational Research and Analysis - Ottawa, Ontario

  • National Research Council of Canadamarker - HQ Ottawa, Ontario
    • Scientific Research
      • NRC Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics (NRC-HIA) - Penticton and Victoria, British Columbia,
      • NRC Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences (NRC-SIMS) - Ottawa (Sussex Drive) and Chalk River, Ontario,
      • NRC Canadian Neutron Beam Centre (NRC-SIMS) - Chalk River, Ontario,
      • NRC National Institute for Nanotechnologymarker (NRC-NINT) - Edmonton, Alberta,
      • NRC Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NRC-NMR) - Ottawa (Montreal Road Campus), Ontario,
      • NRC Institute for Biological Sciences (NRC-IBS) - Ottawa (Montreal Road Campus) and Ottawa (Sussex Drive), Ontario,
      • NRC Biotechnology Research Institute (NRC-BRI)- Montreal, Quebec,
      • NRC Institute for Biodiagnostics (NRC-IBD) - Winnipeg, Manitoba: Calgary, Alberta: Halifax, Nova Scotia,
      • NRC Plant Biotechnology Institute (NRC-PBI) - Saskatoon, Sasketchewan,
      • NRC Institute for Marine Biosciences (NRC-IMB) - Halifax, Nova Scotia,
      • NRC Genomics and Health Initiative (NRC-GHI),
      • NRC Institute for Nutrisciences and Health (NRC-INH) - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island,
    • Engineering Research
      • NRC Institute for Aerospace Research (NRC-IAR)- Ottawa (Montreal Road Campus), Ottawa (Uplands Campus), Ontario: Montreal, Quebec,
      • NRC Centre for Surface Transportation Technology (NRC-CSTT) - Ottawa (Uplands Campus), Ontario,
      • NRC Canadian Hydraulics Centre (NRC-CHC)- Ottawa (Montreal Road Campus), Ontario,
      • NRC Institute for Ocean Technology (NRC-IOT) - St.John's, Newfoundland,
      • NRC Institute for Microstructural Sciences (NRC-IMS)- Ottawa (Montreal Road Campus), Ontario,
      • NRC Industrial Materials Institute (NRC-IMI) - Boucherville, Quebec: London, Ontario: Saguenay (Chicoutimi), Quebec,
      • NRC Institute for Chemical Process and Environmental Technology (NRC-ICPET) - Ottawa (Montreal Road Campus), Ontario,
      • NRC Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation (NRC-IFCI) - Vancouver, British Columbia,
      • NRC Institute for Information Technology (NRC-IIT) - Ottawa (Montreal Road Campus), Ontario: Gatineau, Quebec: Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John, New Brunswick,
      • NRC Institute for Research in Construction (NRC-IRC) - Ottawa (Montreal Road Campus), Ontario: London, Ontario: Regina, Sasketchewan (Centre for Sustainable Infrastructure Research),
      • NRC Imaging Network (Ottawa—based),
    • Support Institutes

Federal government organizations conducting scientific research in support of a larger mandate

  • Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada - HQ, Ottawa, Ontario
    • Research Organizations
      • Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre - Agassiz and Summerland, British Columbia,
      • Lacombe Research Centre - Lacombe, Alberta,
      • Lethbridge Research Centre - Lethbridge, Alberta,
      • Saskatoon Research Centre - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,
      • Semiarid Prairie Agricultural Research Centre - Swift Current, Saskatchewan,
      • Brandon Research Centre - Brandon, Manitoba,
      • Cereal Research Centre - Winnipeg, Manitoba,
      • Southern Crop Protection and Food Research Centre - London, Ontario,
      • Eastern Cereal and Oilseed Research Centre - Ottawa, Ontario,
      • Guelph Food Research Centre - Guelph, Ontario,
      • Greenhouse and Processing Crops Research Centre - Harrow, Ontario,
      • Dairy and Swine Research and Development Centre - Sherbrooke (Lennoxville Sector), Quebec,
      • Food Research and Development Centre - St. Hyacinthe, Quebec,
      • Soils and Crops Research and Development Centre - Quebec, Quebec,
      • Horticulture Research and Development Centre - Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec,
      • Potato Research Centre - Fredericton, New Brunswick,
      • Crops and Livestock Research Centre - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island,
      • Atlantic Food and Horticulture Research Centre - Kentville, Nova Scotia,
      • Atlantic Cool Climate Crop Research Centre - St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador,

  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency - Ottawa, Ontario
    • National Centre For Animal Disease,
    • Area Laboratories Network - Atlantic,
    • Area Laboratories Network - Quebec,
    • Area Laboratories Network - Ontario,
    • Area Laboratories Network - Western,

  • Communications Security Establishmentmarker - Ottawa, Ontario
    • Cryptological research for Canadian government foreign signals intelligence gathering.
      • Canadian Forces Base Leitrim - Leitrim, Ontario,
      • Canadian Forces Base Masset - Masset, British Columbia,
      • Canadian Forces Base Alert - Alert, Nunivut

  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada - HQ, Ottawa, Ontario
    • Canadian Hydrographic Service,
    • Research Institutes,
      • Institute of Ocean Sciences - Sidney, British Columbia,
      • Pacific Biological Station,
        • West Vancouver Laboratory,
      • Cultus Lake Salmon Research Laboratory - Cultus Lake, British Columbia,
      • Bayfield Institute -Burlington, Ontario,
      • Sea Lamprey Control Centre - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario,
      • Freshwater Institute Science Laboratory - Winnipeg, Manitoba,
      • Experimental Lakes Area - Kenora, Ontario,
      • Resolute Bay Laboratories - Resolute Bay, Northwest Territories,
      • The Maurice Lamontagne Institute - Pointe aux Cenelles, Quebec,
      • St. Andrews Biological Station - St. Andrews, New Brunswick,
      • Bedford Institute of Oceanography - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia,
      • Otolith Research Laboratory,
      • Canadian Shark Research Laboratory,
      • Mactaquac Fish Culture Station - Mactaquac, New Brunswick,

  • Natural Resources Canada - HQ, Ottawa, Ontario
    • Canadian Forest Service,
      • Research Institutes,
        • Pacific Forestry Centre - Victoria, British Columbia,
        • Northern Forestry Centre - Edmonton, Alberta,
        • Great Lakes Forestry Centre - Sault St. Marie, Ontario,
        • Laurentien Forestry Centre - Quebec, Quebec,
        • Atlantic Forestry Centre - Fredericton, New Brunswick,
    • Geological Survey of Canada - Ottawa, Ontario,
    • Geomatics Canada - Ottawa, Ontario,
    • Polar Continental Shelf Project, Ottawa, Ontario,
    • CANMET Energy Technology Centre - Ottawa, Ontario,
      • CANMET Energy Technology Centre - Devon, Alberta,
      • CANMET Energy Technology Centre - Varennes, Quebec

  • Public Health Agency of Canada - HQ, Ottawa, Ontario
    • Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Control - Ottawa, Ontario,
    • Centre for Infectious Disease Prevention and Control - Ottawa, Ontario,
    • Laboratory for Foodborn Zoonoses - Guelph, Ontario
    • National Microbiological Laboratory - Winnipeg, Manitoba,
    • Centre for Health Promotion - Ottawa, Ontario

  • Transport Canada - HQ, Ottawa, Ontario
    • Transportation Development Centre - Montreal, Quebec

Provincial government scientific research organizations

British Columbia
  • BCIT Technology Centre - Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Alberta Research Council
    • Advanced Materials Laboratories
    • Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
    • Fuels and Lubricants Laboratory
    • Plant Genetic Engineering Laboratory
    • Waste Materials Engineering Laboratory
    • Papermaking Laboratory

  • Telecommunications Research Laboratories - Research Areas
    • TRLabs is Canada's largest research consortium (industry, university, government) in **information and communications technology. TRLabs operates five laboratories in Western **Canada.
    • Source: TRLabs (Telecommunications Research Laboratories), Alberta

  • Saskatchewan Research Council
    • 3D Virtual reality Centre
    • SRC Analytical Laboratories
    • Biofuels Test Centre
    • Bova-Can Laboratories
    • Fermentation Pilot Plant
    • GenServe Laboratories
    • Geoanalytical Laboratories
    • Petroleum Analytical Laboratories
    • Pipe Flow Technologhy Centre
    • Transformer OilTesting Laboratory

  • Saskatoon Research Centre - Saskatoon, Sasketchewan

  • Food Development Centre
  • Internet Innovation Centre

  • Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation - Toronto, Ontario
    • Research Organizations
      • Ontario Centres of Excellence
        • Centre of Excellence for Communications and Information Technology
        • Centre of Excellence for Earth and Environmental Technologies
        • Centre of Excellence for Energy
        • Centre of Excellence for Materials and Manufacturing
        • Centre of Excellence for Photonics
      • Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
      • Regional Innovation Network Program
    • Commercialization and Funding Organizations
      • Early Researcher Awards
      • The Health Technology Exchange
      • Innovation Demonstration Fund
      • International Strategic Opportunities Program
      • Ontario Commercialization Investment Funds
      • Ontario Fuel Cell Innovation Programme
      • Ontario Research Commercialization Program
      • Premiers Discovery Awards

  • L'institut nationale de recherche scientifique (INRS) - Quebec, Quebec
    • INRS Eau, Terre et Environnement
    • INRS Energie, Materiaux et Telecommunications
    • INRS Institut - Armand-Frappier
    • INRS Urbanisation, Culture et Societe

  • Centre de recherche informatique de Montreal

New Brunswick
  • Research and Productivity Council - Fredericton, New Brunswick

Prince Edward Island
  • Atlantic TEchnology Centre
  • Food Technology Centre

Northwest Territories
  • Aurora Research Institute - Inuvik, Northwest Territories

  • Nunavut Research Institute
    • Igloolik Research Centre
    • Iqaliut Research Centre

Expenditures on scientific research and development in Canada by sector

  • Canadian Gross Expenditure on R&D (GERD) by Performing Sectors - 2006 Estimates
    • C$ Millions
    • Business Enterprises 14,850, 52.4%
    • Higher Education 10,890, 38.4%
    • Federal Government 2,145, 7.6%
    • Provincial Government 345, 1.2%
    • Provincial Research Organizations 127, 0.4%
    • Total 28,357, 100.0%
    • Source: Statistics Canada, Science Statistics September 2006 (2/2007)

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