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Carl Wilhelm Borchardt (22 February, 1817 ‚Äď 27 June, 1880) was a Germanmarker mathematician.

Borchardt was born to a Jewish family in Berlinmarker. His father, Moritz, was a respected merchant, and his mother was Emma Heilborn. Borchardt studied under a number of tutors, including Julius Pl√ľcker and Jakob Steiner. He studied at the University of Berlinmarker under Dirichlet in 1836 and at the University of K√∂nigsberg in 1839. In 1848 he began teaching at the University of Berlin.

He did research in the area of arithmetic-geometric mean, continuing work by Gauss and Lagrange. He generalised the results of Kummer diagonalising symmetric matrices, using determinants and Sturm functions. He was also an editor of Crelle's Journal from 1856‚Äď80, during which time it was known as Borchardt's Journal.

He died in R√ľdersdorfmarker, Germanymarker. His grave is preserved in the Protestant Friedhof III der Jerusalems- und Neuen Kirchengemeinde (Cemetery No. III of the congregations of Jerusalem's Church and New Churchmarker) in Berlin-Kreuzbergmarker, south of Hallesches Tormarker.

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