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Celanese Corporation ( ) is a global integrated producer of chemicals and advanced materials and has its headquarters in Dallasmarker, Texasmarker. The company is one of the world's largest producers of acetyl products, which are intermediate chemicals for nearly all major industries, as well as a global producer of high-value end-use applications.

Celanese's operations are primarily located in North America, Europe and Asia, with the largest plant in the Clear Lake marker area of Pasadenamarker, which is home to the world's largest acid production unit. In 2008 Celanese reported net sales of $6.8 billion.


In 1918 the American Cellulose & Chemical Manufacturing Company was founded in New York by Camille Dreyfus.

A Celanese Plant was located at Amcelle, Marylandmarker between Cumberlandmarker and Cresaptownmarker. The plant was served by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B&O), and was a major consumer of coal. It received bulk shipments of industrial chemicals and raw cotton fiber, and shipped out its fabric products in quantity. The B&O also provided passenger service to the plant, for Celanese workers. The plant had its own extensive networks of rail lines on the property. It became a major employer in Allegany Countymarker, and most families in the area have one or more relatives that worked for the plant at its peak. At one time, 13,000 employees worked there.

The American Cellulose and Chemical Manufacturing Co. Ltd plant was set up during World War I to produce cheaper fabric for airplane manufacturing. The plant location was chosen inland to protect against Zeppelin attacks. It was also situated in proximity to a ready source of water at the Potomac River, and easy access to coal supplies and railroad lines. After a series of delays, actual production began in 1924 with a series of commercial fabrics and yarns intended as alternatives to silk. The plant was closed in 1983, and was later torn down to provide a space for a new State Prison.

In 1927, the American Cellulose & Chemical Manufacturing Company changed its name to Celanese Corporation of America. In 1986, its pharmaceutical business was spun off as Celgene and in 1987, Celanese Corporation was acquired by Hoechst and merged with its American subsidiary, American Hoechst, to form Hoechst Celanese Corporation.

In 1998, Hoechst combined most of its industrial chemical operations in a new company, Celanese AG and in 1999 Hoechst spun off Celanese AG as a publicly-traded, German corporation, traded on both the Frankfurt and New York stock exchanges.

On 16 December 2003, the US private equity firm Blackstone Capital Partners announced a takeover offer for Celanese. Shareholders formally approved the offer from Blackstone on 16 June 2004 and Blackstone completed the acquisition of Celanese AG. Celanese was delisted from the New York Stock Exchange and Blackstone changes its name to Celanese Corporation.

On 21, January 2005, Celanese Corporation conducted an initial public offering and became a publicly-traded corporation traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "CE".


Acetyl Intermediates

Acetyl Intermediates is Celanese's largest segment, with a product range consisting of basic chemicals such as acetic acid and vinyl acetate. Industrial Specialties manufactures performance chemicals such as polyvinyl alcohol and emulsions, and specialty chemicals. Customers of Acetyl Intermediates and Industrial Specialties are in the chemical, paint and coatings, construction, and adhesive industries. Major products include: acetic acid, vinyl acetate and value-added derivatives. Major end-use markets include colorants, paints, adhesives and coatings.

Advanced Engineered Materials

Advanced Engineered Materials offers products and services to customers in the automotive, electronics, telecommunications and medical industries. Major products include: engineered plastics for fuel system components, conveyor belts, electronics, safety systems, emissions filtration and fluid handling.

Consumer & Industrial Specialties

Celanese is one of the world's largest producers of acetate tow. Acetate products are primarily used in cigarette filters, as well as in the production of fashion apparel and linings. Major end-use markets include filter products, beverages, confections, baked goods, and dairy products. Major industrial products include: polyvinyl alcohol, emulsions, and basic polymers. Major end-use markets include paper, building and construction textiles, paints, coatings, adhesives and packaging.

The food ingredients business Nutrinova produces the high intensity sweetener Sunett (acesulfame K), the preservatives Nutrinova sorbates, and other food ingredients.


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