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Centennial C.V.I. is a secondary high school located in Ward Five of Guelphmarker, Ontariomarker, Canadamarker. Centennial offers many programs at their facilities, including: Science, Math, English, French, Latin, Japanese.


The school is located in the south side of the city of Guelphmarker, Ontariomarker, Canadamarker. Centennial was opened in 1967, 100 years after Canadian Confederation, as indicated by its name and is operated by the Upper Grand District School Board. Centennial is known for its academic reputation --it hosts a variety of extracurricular contests and is known for producing university-bound students . The high school was ranked 18th of 719 in the Fraser Institute Report Card on Ontario Secondary School's 2007 Edition. 1

Many Centennial athletes have gone on to become successful in their careers. One example of this is Victor Davis, who was a successful Canadian swimmer, and Olympic Medalist. Other athletes have gone on to compete in national and international events, or have plans on doing so when they have left school.

Centennial boasts occasional extracurricular achievements, such as winning the McMaster Universitymarker BrainBee for three years running, sending many athletes, particularly basketball players, to the national and international high school levels, and more.

Centennial also prides itself on the success of the science program at the school. Every year, the school sends students to competitions all around Guelph and the surrounding area. This year, the school took part in 2 main "Science Olympics", as well as a Science Fair in Alberta, with two competitors going. Both projects taking Honorable Mentions, as well as Scholarships for one particular project. The Science Department staff have many specialist teachers on the subject of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. One teacher also specializes in Microbiology and offers specialized courses on it.

Besides Science, Centennial is a constant contestant in other events all over Southern Ontario. Every year, Centennial competes in the Classics Conference, in which students of Latin, and Classical studies, have a chance to compete against other schools in the region. Also, Centennial sends a team for "Reach for the Top", where their team is able to compete against other schools from the region in general knowledge competitions. In the past years, Centennial has consistently made their appearance on the television round of the competition. Centennial also becomes in such events around the community, such as: Me to We, The Amazing Raise, Raise Your Game and more. The school is an active participant of recycling programs (which they are currently testing for the UGDSB), and community composting initiatives.


Music Knights

Centennial is known to have an excellent Music Program rivaling that of Universities surrounding the area . Led by the two music teachers at the school, Centennial's bands and choirs perform, not only for school performances, but around the city as well.

The school offers many bands and choirs for all types of musicians. Including, but not limited to; Jazz Band, Dixie Band, Symphonic Winds, Meister Singers, Concert Choir, and Concert Band. All of these ensembles perform throughout the year at various community events, and performances at the school. In the past year, the school has participated in the KIWANIS Festival, taking home gold and silver standards in all categories (gold being taken by Concert Choir and Concert Band). The Concert Choir (made up of students grades 9-12) has made many appearances at the River Run Center in shows. The choir also made history, as they sang at the opening of Guelph's new City Hall. Also having a soloist making the transition, by singing "God Save the Queen", followed by the rest of a select few students singing "Oh Canada" at the new Hall itself.

In addition, The Jazz Band "Eh" is known for its unique soloing and being very elite in the music world around Guelph's high schools, this year, taking a Silver "Plus" medal at the KIWANIS Festival.

The Symphonic Winds band (made up of students from grades 10-12+), has made an impact quite similar, making appearances at many school functions. Often enough, many students that have been part of the music program, and all it has to offer, go on to University, in the music field, and become very successful from there.

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