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The Central Committee for Ex-Muslims ( ) is a Dutchmarker committee that aims to aid Muslims who wish to leave Islam through the constitutional right of freedom of religion. In addition, the committee fights to break the taboo on apostasy in the Muslim world as well as start a debate on the violation of women's rights in cultural societies.

The committee has urged the Dutch government to offer more help to ex-Muslims in exile. Ehsan Jami and Loubna Berrada founded the committee in 2007, with the help of several advisors and other former Muslims such as professor Afshin Ellian who is known to be a fierce critic of Shi'ism.

The committee officially started its activities in September 2007 after announcing its foundation to the Dutch public in a broadcast on Radio 1 on 2 May 2007.During the broadcast, Jami announced a wish to offer a helping hand to Muslims who want to abandon their religion since Islamic society does not allow apostasy.

Jami pointed out abandoning Islam is an option in most Muslim societies, as long as it is not spoken out and one continues to act as though one is still a believer. Open apostasy in Islamic societies, Jami explained, leads to expulsion and death threats - a manner of conduct he strongly opposes. Later that week, Jami appeared on Dutch television show 'Schepper & Co' defending his remarks by pointing out he, as a politician, has the duty to verbalise worries that exist in society, thereby making full use of Dutch society's freedom of speech.

Sharia schools say that they will kill the ones who leave Islam, Jami said. Gaining support from the Dutch government to permit freedom of conscience is a fundamental aspect of the committee's action plan.

Co-founder Berrada quit the committee in June 2007 because she felt Jami acts too aggressively towards the entire religion of Islam, stating: "I don't wish to confront Islam itself. I only want to spread the message that Muslims should be allowed to leave Islam behind without being threatened"

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