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Cergy is a commune in the north-western suburbs of Parismarker, Francemarker. It is located . (17.3 miles) from the center of Paris, in the "new town" of Cergy-Pontoisemarker, created in the 1960s, of which it is the central and most populated commune.

Although neighboring Pontoisemarker is the official préfecture (capital) of the Val-d'Oisemarker département, the préfecture building and administration, as well as the department council (conseil général), are located inside the commune of Cergy, which is regarded as the de facto capital of Val-d'Oise. The sous-préfecture building and administration, on the other hand, are located inside the commune of Pontoise.


The name Cergy comes from Medieval Latin Sergiacum, meaning "estate of Sergius", a Gallo-Roman landowner.


Map of the quarters of Cergy.
Cergy is the chief town of two cantons:
  • The canton of Cergy-Nord is made of part of Cergy and communes of Boissy-l'Ailleriemarker, Osnymarker, Puiseux-Pontoisemarker (53,779 inhabitants)
  • The canton of Cergy-Sud is made of part of Cergy and the commune of Éragnymarker (32,969 inhabitants).



When Cergy was selected to become the center of a "new town", it was only a village. The commune had only 2,895 inhabitants in 1968. It then started to develop very quickly, exceeding 10,000 inhabitants in the mid-1970s and then 20,000 in the early-1980s. It is in this decade that its growth was most spectacular, since the city exceeded 48,000 inhabitants in 1990. The increase continued since, but at a notably slower page, to reach 54,500 as of 2004 estimates. However, on January 1, 2000, the commune lost a portion of its territory (net with a 1999 population of 62 persons) to the adjacent commune of Courdimanchemarker. The official census figures have thus been revised downward from the 1999 official 54,781 to 54,719 (reajusted) and the land area from to 11.65 km² (readjusted).



Coats of arms of Cergy

Port Cergy

Port Cergy.
Port Cergy is a marina on the River Oisemarker at pk 9. The site comprises both housing and recreational yachts as well as a boating school. The marina can hold 103 ships ranging 5 to 22m long and. The northern part of the site is reserved for restaurants and shops and have been built around a small bassin.


Hammarker is a small village to the south of Cergy. The village used to be part of the Sergentery and then commune of Neuville-sur-Oisemarker but has since been amalgamated in the commune of Cergy. On its territory is the outdoor leisure centre 'Base de Loisirs de Cergy-Neuville'.


Train station of Cergy le Haut.
Cergy is served by three stations on Paris RER line A and on the Transilien Paris – Saint-Lazare suburban rail line: Cergy – Préfecture, Cergy – Saint-Christophe, and Cergy – Le Haut.Cergy is served by direct buses from Charles de Gaulle International Airportmarker.

The bus company STIVO provides 17 lines of buses to travel within the agglomeration of Cergy.


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