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Chad Gaylord Smith (born October 25, 1961) is best known as being the longtime drummer of Red Hot Chili Peppers. He is also the drummer of the hard rock band Chickenfoot and instrumental band, Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats.


Smith was born to parents Curtis and Joan Smith in Richfield, Minnesotamarker. He has two older siblings, Bradley and Pamela. He grew up in Homewood-Flossmoor Illinois where he attented Homewood-Flossmoor Highschool for two years where he then moved to Oakland County in Southeast Michigan and graduated from Lahser High School.

Prior to joining Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smith was in a local Detroit band called Toby Redd, which was musically very different than Red Hot Chili Peppers. He signed on with RHCP in time for them to put out the album Mother's Milk in 1989. His first band was called "Pharaoh", back in 1976-77.

In 1991, Smith had a small role in the short film Session Man, which won an Academy Award for Best Short Subject.

Smith has released a second instructional DVD with Hal Leonard entitled Eastern Rim, which includes footage from his clinics in Melbournemarker and Tokyomarker, footage from various live performances, interviews, and gives an insight into life on the road and his influences.

Smith is currently involved in a supergroup/side project called "Chickenfoot" with former Van Halen members Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony, as well as guitarist Joe Satriani. Their album was released by Best Buy in the U.S. on June 5, 2009. Smith is also in a band called Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats.

In the May 2006 issue of Doell & Ford Magazine, Smith was named the number one rock drummer alive. Smith narrowly beat out Rush drummer Neil Peart.

Smith was also a judge for the 7th annual Independent Music Awards to support independent artists' careers.

Smith has participated in numerous drum clinics where he shares his skill and experience with young aspiring musicians, he has also been part of the Fermatta Master Class Series showing his support for music education in Latin America.

Personal life

Smith was married in 1994 to Maria St. John and they had one child, Manon St. John (1997), but the couple divorced the following year. He fathered two other children, Justin (1997) and Ava (2001). In 2004 he married Nancy Mack on 8 May in Hopetownmarker, Abacomarker, Bahamasmarker and they have two sons, Cole Madison (2005), and Beckett Cash (2009). When not on stage or in the studio Smith enjoys watching the Detroit Red Wings, golf, baseball, basketball, and riding his Harleys. Smith owns a black Road King that he has personally done modifications on. In a 2006 interview with Modern Drummer magazine, he said that his 2003 100th Anniversary issue Soft Tail was his "main mode of transportation." Chad Smith is said to closely resemble Comedy actor Will Ferrell. During his recent NBC Tonight Show appearance with Chickenfoot, he wore a T-shirt that read, "I Am Not Will Ferrell".


The kit presently used by Smith is a typical example of a rock drum setup. He currently endorses Pearl Drums and Sabian cymbals. With Pearl he has made his own signature snare drum. The Chad Smith Signature Snare is a 14x5” inch snare which has a Black Nickel Plated Shell. Chad has also designed two signature crash-cymbals with Sabian—the 18.5" Chad Smith Explosion Crash and the 20.5" Chad Smith Explosion Crash. Chad also endorses Vater drumsticks and bass drum beaters. He has a popular pair of signature sticks. The Chad Smith Funkblaster sticks have a unique shape wood tip which makes them stand out from Vater's other signature sticks.

In 2005, Pearl and CeeLite created a drum kit incorporating CeeLite's lighting technology to illuminate Smith's Pearl Masters kit on stage. His new Pearl kit is wrapped with CeeLite's flat, flexible Light Emitting Capacitor panels which can be programmed to dim, fade and flash. The kit features 4 ply 5 mm 100% aged maple shells with chrome hardware. He first played this kit on NBC's Saturday Night Live on May 6, 2006. Chad also used a number of different snare drums on the 2006-2007 tour, including the Pearl Sensitone and Yamaha's Jimmy Chamberlin signature snare drum. The following is the current drum kit used by Smith on tour with the Red Hot Chili Peppers:

Tour Kit (2006-2007)

  • Pearl Masters MRX Series & Sabian Cymbals:
  • Drums - Custom CeeLight Finish, Classic Silver Sparkle; Also A Pearl Masters kit finished in Bronze Glass was used.
    • 12x10" Tom
    • 14x14" Floor Tom
    • 16x16" Floor Tom
    • 24x16" Bass Drum
    • 14x5" Pearl Sensitone Classic II Snare
    • 14x5.5 Pearl Masters Snare (snare wire turned off, used as timbale)

  • Cymbals - Sabian
    • 14" AAX-Celerator Hi-Hats
    • 21" AA Rock Ride
    • 19" AA Medium Crash
    • 20" AA Rock Crash
    • 10" AA Splash
    • 19" AA China
    • 20" Prototype China w/rivets (added to setup in late 2006)

  • Percussion

  • Drum Heads - Remo
    • Toms: (12", 14", 16") Clear Emperors (top), Clear Ambassadors (bottom)
    • Bass Drum: (24") Clear Powerstroke 4 with Falam Slam Patch (batter), Custom Design Powerstroke 3 head (resonant)
    • Snares : (14") Coated CS Controlled Sound with Black Dot reverse (top), Hazy Emperor (bottom)

  • Hardware - Pearl
    • T1000 Double Tom Stand (used as single tom stand)
    • 2000C Pearl Eliminator Bass Pedal (with Vater Hard Felt Beater and Black Cam)
    • S2000 Snare Stand (x2)
    • H2000K Hi-Hat Stand
    • B1000 Boom Cymbal Stand (x2 for Ride & Prototype China)
    • C1000 Straight Cymbal Stand (x3 for both Crash Cymbals & AA China)
    • CH-70 Cymbal Arm (for Splash)
    • PPS 37 Cowbell Holder
    • Evans EQ Pad

  • Sticks - Vater
    • Signature Chad Smith Funk Blaster Model L=16" D=.605"

  • Throughout the years with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smith has used a variety of different snares, from piccolos to Custom Snares. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, he used several different snares, including a 14x4" Ludwig Pioneer Snare and a 14x5" Ludwig Black Beauty Snare (used to record Blood Sugar Sex Magik). In the One Hot Minute era, in 1996, he used a 14x5.5" Brady Jarrah Ply Wood Model Snare, and continued to use this live, until 1999 when he switched to a 14x5" DW Edge Snare. On the Californication Tour, he changed his snare to a 14x5" Pearl Sensitone Classic II Snare (brass with black coating). He continued to use this until early 2007, when he changed for the first time in 8 years to a 14x5.5" Yamaha Jimmy Chamberlin Signature Snare.
  • Also, Smith has never used his 14x5" Pearl Signature Snare live with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Although he has used it in clinics without the rest of the band.

Selected Discography


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