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Chambers Stevens is an actor, playwright and acting coach.


Early Years

Born Steve Chambers on June 10, 1964, he was raised in the small town of Hendersonville, TNmarker. His parents had raised themselves from poverty, his father Austin Chambers, went on to become an internationally recognized BMW salesman and his mother, Norma Stevens Chambers, became a folk artist. In Hendersonville, Chambers was surrounded by music. Through his father, he was introduced to legends like Dolly Parton and Roy Orbison. His little league team was sponsored by Johnny Cash and his next door neighbor was Barbara Mandrell.

His interest in acting started when he was seven years old and got a job holding the cue cards for Barbara Mandrell’s first commercial that was filmed in his back yard. Soon he was dancing on television on various country music shows, and through a mistake by the casting director was cast and filmed Robert Schumann’s Davidsbündlertänze for the New York City Ballet. George Balanchine the director, had decided to film the ballet on the stage of the Grand Ole Oprymarker and needed a dancer to play the critic. When Chambers a clogger showed up at the Grand Ole Oprymarker, Balanchine rushed him into costume and he made his debut. The performance was later shown on CBS Cable.


Chambers graduated from Hendersonville High School, where he starred in a number of the plays. He graduated with honors and was chosen to be in Who’s Who Among American High School Students.

From the Conservatory of Theatre at Webster Universitymarker, he received his B.F.A. in Acting. He graduated from Webster with honors and was chosen to be in Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

While at Webster, Chambers served as personal assistant to Steven Woolf, the artistic director of The Repertory Theatre of St. Louismarker. One day at the rep he met struggling playwright Tony Kushner who had just been hired to work reading scripts in the literary department. It was this meeting that fueled Chambers into playwriting.

Name Change

In 1989 while joining the Screen Actors Guild, Steve Chambers discovered there was already a very successful stunt man with his name. Under SAG rules, there can be only one actor per name, so he reversed his name to Chambers Stevens, taking his father’s last name as his first, and his mother’s maiden name as his last.

Acting Coach

Since 1988, Chambers has been an acting coach specializing in the audition process. He started at the The Acting Studio in Nashville, Tennesseemarker. During his time at The Acting Studio both Ashley Judd and Faith Hill studied there. In 1990, he moved to Los Angeles and became one of Hollywoodmarker’s most sought after audition coaches for actors under twenty-five. He has coached thousands of actors for every major network (CBS, NBC, ABC, Nickelodeon and The Disney Channel) as well as Broadwaymarker shows.


Chambers is the author of seven books for actors. The titles are in order of publication, Magnificent Monologues for Kids: Kids’ Monologues for Every Occasion, 24 Carat Commercials for Kids: Everything Kids Need to Know to break into Commercials, Sensational Scenes for Teens: The Scene Study-guide for Teen Actors, Sensational Scenes for Kids: The Scene Study-Guide for Young Actors, The Ultimate Commercial Book for Kids and Teens: The Young Actors’ Commercial Study-guide and Magnificent Monologues for Kids 2: More Kids’ Monologues for Every Occasion. All titles are edited by Renee Rolle-Whatley and published by Sandcastle Publishing in South Pasadena, Californiamarker.

Since 2001, Chambers, has done eight nationwide book tours traveling from Seattlemarker to New Yorkmarker, Orlandomarker to Banff, Canadamarker. As of February 2009, he has done a hundred and fifty workshops in 70 towns and cities. Many of the workshops are sponsored by Barnes and Noble’s Act up to Read program. In 2002, Chambers started doing acting workshops in public schools to help inner city students learn the power of drama. The Society of Children’s Book Authors and Illustrators in 2005 awarded him the winner of the Idol competition for the Best Public Speaker in America Contest.


Chambers has been a published playwright since writing his first play, Biff and Charlie while in college. Since then he has written Desperate for Magic, a one man show which he toured around the country. Magic is published by Eldridge Publishing Mother of Pearl (a.k.a. "Plum Pink Pedicure) which debuted at The Company of Angels in Los Angelesmarker and is published by I.E. Clark. His play Bing Bang Boom is his most produced play having been performed at Universities around the country. His post nuclear adaptation of The Count of Monty Cristo, renamed The Kount of Monty Kristo debuted at Belmont Universitymarker. His newest plays are Travels with Jack Lemmon's Dog which debuted in New Orleans. And Twain and Shaw Do Lunch which won Fourteenth Annual Long Beach Playhouse New Works Festival in Long Beach, CAmarker

Chambers is a member of The Dramatist Guild.


Chambers has been a professional actor since he was fifteen. Since then he has an extensive and successful career. As a theatre actor, he has performed in over a hundred and fifty plays at theatres around the United Statesmarker.

As a television performer, he has done over 50 commercials as well as episodes of The Young and the Restless. Chambers played the title character in The Steve Spots as well as The Parent Zone. For PBS he also played the title character in the children’s series Funnybones as well as the spin off series Geoscout for which he was awarded an Emmy nomination.

In Los Angeles, he is best known for a series of one man shows he performed in theatres around the city. For his one man play Desperate for Magic he was awarded the Ingram Fellowship and the Backstage Garland Award.

He is a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Personal life

Chambers is married to film producer Betsy Sullenger. Betsy is the producing partner of director Andy Fickman, (The Game Plan, Race to Witch Mountain) at his Oops Doughnuts production company at Walt Disney studios in Burbank.Chambers and Betsy’s son, Twain Stevens, was born on Feb 20, 2007. He has a California work permit.

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