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Changwani is a caste found in Pakistanmarker. Changwani is basically sub-caste of Laghari Balouch, or May be Rind Balouch. And Laghari is a sub-caste of the Baloch people.

There are sub divisions of Baloch, such as Rind Balouch and Laghari Balouch. or May be Laghari Balouch is also sub-caste of Rind Balouch. Their land is Balouchistanmarker, a province of Pakistan. The sub-castes of Balouch are often found in the area of Lower Punjabmarker which is also called South Punjab' Mini Balouchistan or Old Balouchistan.

Note that in the list of Previous Presidents of Pakistan, a well known name is Saddar Farooq Ahmad Khan Laghari who is basically From Lower Punjab (chottee zereen) Pakistan.

Balouch is the caste (group of people) who are intent about respecting their traditions. In past it was to be said that they could kill anyone on the name of respect. (specially of their mothers' sisters' wives etc) Even in this matter they do not give any relaxation to their own family members who do mistakes. But these are the old stories about Balouch. Actually they are moving into the modern era. And Are the responsible citizens.

Note That in south Punjab Maximum part of Baloch people speak in Saraiki. Its all about where they live. Its all about what is the language of their society where they are living in.. So its bit wrong to say them Saraiki People.. Saraiki is only the sub-language of Punjabi..Most people who speak saraiki, their caste is "punjabi" and some of them are Balouch...

Unfortunate thing with the saraiki people in the south punjab is that the people of upper punjab think that they are backward and illiterate. And they are not punjabi.. But this thinking is 90% wrong.similarly in Balouchistan people think that the saraiki people are punjabi they are not Balouch. But actually its all about the language they speak.

According to the inspection that the people of lower punjab are very very intelligent and talented. But they didn't get any chance yet to show that what actually they ARE !!!

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