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Marcus Vest (born July 7, 1977 in Lexington, Kentuckymarker, United Statesmarker) better known by his stage name Channel 7, formerly 7 Aurelius, is a singer, songwriter, and producer most noted for his work with The Inc. Records.

Channel 7 is associated with The Inc. He has co-produced, played instruments on many of The Inc.'s releases. He has also done background vocals for many of the artists he has produced for. His most famous productions are "I'm Real (Remix)" by Jennifer Lopez, "Always on Time" by Ja Rule, and "Foolish" by Ashanti. He has been featured as a vocalist with LL Cool J and Ashanti. 7 has received an ASCAP award for songwriting.

Channel 7 co-produced Vanessa Carlton's third album, Heroes & Thieves, with Irv Gotti, Rick Rubin and Stephan Jenkins.


Selected production and songwriting credits


    • Pain Is Love by Ja Rule (All instruments by 7)



    • "Lost Little Girl" by Ja Rule
    • "X" by Ja Rule featuring Missy Elliott & Tweet
    • "Down Ass Bitch" by Ja Rule featuring Charlie Baltimore
    • "Always on Time" by Ja Rule featuring Ashanti
    • "Pain Is Love" by Ja Rule
    • "Never Again" by Ja Rule
    • "Worldwide Gangsta" by Ja Rule
    • "Smokin and Ridin" by Ja Rule
    • "I'm Real (Murder Remix)" by Jennifer Lopez & Ja Rule
    • "Dial M for Murder" by Ja Rule
    • "The Inc." by Ja Rule
    • "Ain't It Funny (Murder Remix)" by Jennifer Lopez
    • "When A Man Does Wrong" by Ashanti
    • "Justify My Love" by Vita featuring Ashanti
    • "AM To PM (Irv Gotti' Gutta Remix)" by Christina Milian
    • "The Pledge" by Irv Gotti featuring Caddillac Tah & Ashanti
    • "No One Does It Better" by Irv Gotti featuring Charlie Baltimore & Ashanti
    • "Good Life (Remix)" by Faith Evans featuring Ja Rule, Caddillac Tah & Vita


    • "Intro" by Ashanti
    • "Foolish" by Ashanti
    • "Leaving (Always On Time Part II)" by Ashanti featuring Ja Rule
    • "Call" by Ashanti
    • "Rescue" by Ashanti
    • "Reach for the Sky" (unreleased) by Mariah Carey
    • "Baby" by Ashanti
    • "VooDoo" by Ashanti
    • "Movies" by Ashanti
    • "Unfoolish" by Ashanti featuring The Notorious B.I.G.
    • "Dreams" by Ashanti
    • "Rainy Dayz" by Mary J. Blige featuring Ja Rule
    • "Gangsta Lovin'" by Eve featuring Alicia Keys
    • "Down 4 U" by Irv Gotti featuring Ja Rule, Ashanti, Vita & Charli Baltimore
    • "Irresistible Chick" by Eve
    • "Subtle Invitation" by Mariah Carey
    • "The Rain" by Irv Gotti featuring Ja Rule, Jody Mack & O-1
    • "Thugz Mansion (7 Remix)" by 2Pac
    • "Never Call U Bitch Again (OG Vibe Remix)" by 2Pac


    • "Officially Missing You" by Tamia
    • "Murder Reigns" by Ja Rule
    • "Intro/Meledy" by Ashanti
    • "There Goes My Heart" by Mariah Carey
    • "I Wanna Kiss You" by Nicole Wray
    • "Sweet Baby" by Ashanti
    • "The Pledge (Remix)" by Ja Rule featuring Nas & Ashanti


    • "Hush" by LL Cool J featuring 7 Aurelius
    • "Concrete Rose Intro" by Ashanti
    • "A Message to the Fans (Skit)" by Ashanti
    • "Only U" by Ashanti
    • "Focus" by Ashanti
    • "Love Again" by Ashanti
    • "U" by Ashanti
    • "Every Lil' Thing" by Ashanti
    • "Don't Leave Me Alone" by Ashanti featuring 7 Aurelius



    • "Lollipop" by Nicole Wray
    • "M-A-K-E-L-O-V-E-T-O-M-E" 7 Aurelius featuring Vanessa Carlton
    • "Here's My Number Babe" 7 Aurelius featuring Ashanti
    • "Drums" by Nicole Wray
    • "Hey Baby " by Ashanti
    • "Body" by Ja Rule featuring Ashley Joi


    • "Dr. Love" by Donnie Klang
    • "Just a Rolling Stone" by Donnie Klang
    • "Spank Me"
    • "My House - Cassie"
    • "Lay It Down"
    • "Just Like Magic"
    • "Tonight" by Cassie
    • "Things You Make Me Do" by Ashanti featuring Robin Thicke
    • "The Declaration" by Ashanti
    • "Ride In My Space Ship" by James Andrew
    • "She Can't Love You" by Danity Kane
    • "Love in the stereo" Donnie klang


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