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Dr. Charles A. Ofria is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the director of the Digital Evolution Lab at Michigan State Universitymarker. Ofria's research focuses on the interplay between computer science and Darwinian evolution.

Avida is an artificial life software platform to study the evolutionary biology of self-replicating and evolving computer programs (digital organisms). Avida is under active development by Charles Ofria's Digital Evolution Lab at Michigan State Universitymarker and was originally designed by Ofria, Chris Adami and C. Titus Brown at Caltechmarker in 1993.

Most current journal publications

  • On the gradual evolution of complexity and the sudden emergence of complex features.
Ofria C, Huang W and Torng E (to appear in Artificial Life)

  • Effects of population size and mutation rate on the evolution of mutational robustness
Elena SF, Wilke CO, Ofria C, and Lenski RE, Evolution 61(3):666-674 (2007).

  • Specialization in digital organisms
Ostrowski E, Ofria C, and Lenski RE, The American Naturalist 169:E1-E20 (2007).

  • Balancing Robustness and Evolvability
Lenski RE, Barrick JE, Ofria C, PLoS Biology 4(12):e428 (2006).

  • Sexual reproduction reshapes the genetic architecture of digital organisms
Misevic D, Ofria C, and Lenski REto appear in Proceedings of the Royal Society of London: Biological Sciences 273:457-464 (2006).

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Scientific publications featuring Avida

  • R. E. Lenski, C. Ofria, T. C. Collier, C. Adami (1999). Genomic Complexity, Robustness, and Genetic Interactions in Digital Organisms. Nature 400:661-664. abstract of this article
  • C.O. Wilke, J.L. Wang, C. Ofria, R.E. Lenski, and C. Adami (2001). Evolution of Digital Organisms at High Mutation Rate Leads To Survival of the Flattest. Nature 412:331-333.
  • R.E. Lenski, C. Ofria, R.T. Pennock, and C. Adami (2003). The Evolutionary Origin of Complex Features. Nature 423:139-145.
  • S.S. Chow, C.O. Wilke, C. Ofria, R.E. Lenski, and C. Adami (2004). Adaptive Radiation from Resource Competition in Digital Organisms. Science 305:84-86.

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