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5 by 5 checkerboard pattern
Checkered pattern on paramedic fly-car

A checkerboard is a board on which English draughts is played. It is an 8×8 board and the 64 squares are of alternating dark and light color, often red and black.

The term checkerboard is also used to denote any rectangular square-tiled board. In this sense it refers not to a physical board as such but to the mathematical abstraction of such a board. The adjective checkered may refer to a pattern resembling a checkerboard, as in the checkered flag used to welcome the winning cars in a Formula One race, for instance, or the livery on some emergency service vehicles.

The checkerboard pattern is often associated with the Ska music genre, for breaking the racial barrier between black and whites at the time.

An 8×8 board is also used for some other board games, although not necessarily a board with an alternating pattern:

A checkerboard marking painted on a hilltop was used as visual guidance on Hongkong's old Kai Tak Airportmarker.

Many taxicabs also use a checkerboard pattern.

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