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The Chemin de Fer de La Mure (the Mure railway) is a tourist railway near the city of Grenoblemarker, France. Following threats of closure in the mid-s1970s, the line was saved by an oil crisis, getting the chance of a further life to become one of the finest tourist railways in Europe with spectacular views over dams and lakes, and mountain scenery. It can be reached easily by road from Grenoble, or by trains on the SNCF line towards Gapmarker.
Saint-Georges de Commiers station
A train on the upper viaduct at Loulla
A former coal wagon in the station at La Motte d'Aveillans


The line was built between 1882 and 1886, to link Saint-Georges-de-Commiersmarker and La Muremarker through a mountainous region of the department of Isèremarker.

The 30 km. long, metre gauge line running from La Motte-d'Aveillansmarker and La Mure and to a connection with the main line of the PLM railway at Saint-Georges-de-Commiers. The line was almost closed in the mid-1970s and if the country hadn't been suffering an oil crisis the line would have met its end. Its life was extended by fifteen years, which proved to be its saviour. Unlike many other lines this became a tourist attraction which combines an area of industrial heritage with some of the finest scenery on any similar line on the continent.

The railway was electrified in 1903, using a symmetrical current power supply with two overhead lines at plus and minus 1200 volts direct current respectively. In 1950, this non-standard system was replaced with a conventional power supply with a single overhead line at 2400 volts direct current.

Coal traffic ceased in 1988, and most of the coal installations were demolished, the coal being transported by road. The SGLM found a new vocation in providing a tourist attraction and as a result, there remain all of the line's historical installations, the workshops, forge, joinery shop, etc.The network's departure and arrival stations were dependent on connections with the PLM railway's Grenoble - Veynes line. The necessary facilities together with the transhipment platform for the automatic transfer of the coal from the SGLM coal cars to the trains operated by PLM (which became SNCF in 1938) were built adjacent to the PLM station, today the station for the Chemin de fer de La Mure.The trains of the railway now run at the leisurely pace of up to 30km/h.

Electric and Electro-Diesel Locomotives

No. Name Wheels Arr. Builders Details Date Built Notes.
A1 CLB/T-H Preserved, out of order
A2 CLB/T-H 1913 Scrapped
A3 CLB/T-H Preserved, out of order
A4 CLB/T-H Scrapped
A5 CLB/T-H Preserved, out of order
A6 CLB/T-H Scrapped
A7 CLB/T-H Scrapped
A8 CLB/T-H Scrapped
E1 La Drac Bo-Bo CGC/Thury 1903 Withdrawn 1933, since scrapped
E2 L'Isere Bo-Bo CGC/Thury 1903 Withdrawn 1933, since scrapped
E3 Bo-Bo CGC/Thury 1903 Withdrawn 1933, since scrapped
E4 Bo-Bo CGC/Thury 1903 Withdrawn 1933, since scrapped
E5 Bo-Bo CGC/Thury 1903 Withdrawn 1933, since scrapped
E6 Bo-Bo CGC/Thury 1903 Withdrawn 1933, since scrapped
T6 Bo-Bo ANF/SAAS 1932
T7 Bo-Bo ANF/SAAS 1932
T8 Bo-Bo ANF/SAAS 1932
T9 Bo-Bo ANF/SAAS 1932
T10 Bo-Bo ANF/SAAS 1932
1 ABDe4/4 SWS/BBC 1916 Ex-NStCM, In service
5 ABDe4/4 SWS/BBC 1916 Ex-NStCM, Out of Service
10 ABDe4/4 SWS/BBC 1918 Ex-NStCM, Out of Service
11 ABDe4/4 SWS/BBC 1918 Ex-NStCM, In service
T2 Bo-Bo B+L/Ren. Ex-VFD, Note 1
T4 Bo-Bo B+L/Ren. Ex-VFD, In working order but not in use, Note 1
4w Decauville P.W.Dept., in regular use

  • ANF.......Ateliers du Nord de La France
  • B+L.......Brissonneau and Lotz, Creil, France
  • BBC.......Brown, Bouvrie et Cie
  • CGC.......Compangnie General Construction, St. Denis, France
  • CLB.......Chantiers de La Buire
  • NStCM.....Chemin de Fer Nyon-St-Cergue-Morez
  • Ren.......Renault
  • SWS.......
  • T-H.......Compagnie Franciase Thomson-Houston (Nowadays: Alsthom)
  • Thury.....Ateliers Rene Thury, Geneva.(Nowadays: S.A. Ateliers Secheron (SAAS))
  • VFD.......Voies Ferrees Dauphine

Note 1 : Part of a class of 10 electro-diesel locomotives, 2 are in service at the Chemins de fer du Jura (CJ), 1 at the Chemins de Fer de Provence (CP).

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