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A Chief Minister is the elected head of government of a sub-national (e.g. constituent federal) state, provinces of Pakistanmarker, notably a state (and sometimes a union territory) of Indiamarker, a territory of Australia or a Britishmarker overseas territory that has attained self-government. It is also used as the English version of the title given to the heads of governments of the Malay states without a monarchy.

The title is also used in the Crown dependencies of the Isle of Manmarker (since 1986), in Guernseymarker (since 2004), and in Jerseymarker (since 2005).

In Malaysia, it is used to refer to the heads of government, called in their Malay language term Ketua Menteri (literally Chief Minister), of the Malaysianmarker states without a sultan, i.e., Malaccamarker, Penangmarker, Sabahmarker and Sarawakmarker, while the Malay language term Menteri Besar (literally Great Minister) is used in other states with a monarch.

By analogy the term is often applied to various other high ministerial offices, e.g. in a princely state before or during the British raj.

Deputy chief minister

Deputy chief minister is an optional post in some States of Indias second to the Chief Minister. In general practice the position is given to a member of the coalition party when the government is formed with the support of various parties. It can also be awarded to a member of the majority party who has substantial support of the legislature compared to the Chief Minister.

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