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Chips Ahoy! chocolate chip cookies
Chips Ahoy! is a brand of chocolate chip cookies made by Nabisco. They are widely sold in the United Statesmarker, Latin America (where its name changes to "Pepitos!" or "Choco Chips"), South Africa, Canadamarker, Mexicomarker, Spainmarker, Portugalmarker and Australia. The Blue Bag type is also sold in the Stockmann store chain in Latviamarker and are marketed in large packages of 9, 18, 27, or in various smaller packages. The name comes from the implication they have more chocolate chips per cookie than average. It is the second-best-selling cookie in the United States, with an average of $355 million in sales per year.


For a time in the mid-1990s, advertising labeled Chips Ahoy as being "1,000 chips delicious!". The acquired theme song for most of Chips Ahoy! commercials during its most popular time in the 1990s was a portion of the song "Sing, Sing, Sing" by Benny Goodman's jazz band in the 1930s.

Since 2002, Chips Ahoy mascot are the Cookie Guys, the names of the Cookie Guys are Caitlynn, Danny, Amanda, and Erika. Prior to that, 1960's bags of Chips Ahoy featured comic strips of Cookie Man, a superhero character whose alter-ego was named Mort Meek.

Animation Studios:
  • Loose Moose Animation (2002-2008)
  • Bix Pix Entertainment (2008-present)


Nabisco says the name is "a reference to the nautical term, Ships Ahoy!"


  • Chips Ahoy! (Blue Package)
  • Reduced Fat Chips Ahoy!
  • Chips Ahoy! Chewy (Red Package; known in Canada as Chewy Chips Ahoy! or Biscuits Tendres aux PĂ©pites de chocolat de M. Christie)
  • Mini Chips Ahoy! (also available in Snack Packs)
  • Candy Blast Chips Ahoy! (known in Canada as Rainbow Chips Ahoy! Commercials featured Kevin, an animated character who gave the chocolate chips their color)
  • Peanut Butter Chunky Chips Ahoy!
  • Chunky Chips Ahoy! (known in Canada as Chunks Ahoy!)
  • White Fudge Chunky Chips Ahoy! (known in Canada as Triple Chocolate Chunks Ahoy!)
  • White Fudge Chewy Chips Ahoy!
  • Chips Ahoy Ice Cream Sandwiches (In Canadamarker only, used under NestlĂ©'s license)
  • Chips Ahoy Big & Soft Chocolate Chunk
  • Chips Ahoy Big & chewy Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk
  • Chips Ahoy! Oatmeal Chewy
  • Jell-o Chips Ahoy pudding
  • Oooey Gooey Warm and Chewy! Chips Ahoy! microwaveable snacks.
  • Pecan Chunks Ahoy
  • Almond Chunks Ahoy
  • Chips Ahoy! Orange and Chips Ahoy! Coffee Maxwell House (Chinamarker)
  • Limited Edition: Chunky Chunks Ahoy! with Dark Chunks!
  • Limited Edition: Orange and Banana flavoured Chips Ahoy! (Russiamarker only)

Nabisco 100 Calorie Snacks:
  • Chips Ahoy Thin Crisps
  • Chips Ahoy Granola Bars

Argentina only

  • Pepitos!
  • Pepitos! rellenas
  • Pepitos! tortitas
  • Alfajor Pepitos! triple
  • Pepitos! black chocolate with white chocolate chips


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