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Bosque Chiquitano
Location in Bolivia
General Data
Capital San José de Chiquitosmarker
Area 31,429 km²
Population 59,754 (2001)
Density 1.9 inhabitants/km² (2001)
ISO 3166-2 BO.SC.CQ
Santa Cruz Department

Chiquitos Province is one of the fifteen provinces of the Bolivianmarker Santa Cruzmarker Department and is situated in the department's central parts. It forms the so called "Gran Chiquitaníamarker" together with José Miguel de Velasco Provincemarker, Ñuflo de Chávez Provincemarker, Ángel Sandoval Provincemarker, and Germán Busch Provincemarker.


Chiquitos Province is located between 17° 00' and 18° 37' South and between 58° 54' and 62° 45' West. It extends over 500 km from West to East, and up to 220 km from North to South.

The province is situated in the Bolivian lowlands and borders Ñuflo de Chávez Provincemarker in the Northwest, Andrés Ibáñez Provincemarker in the West, Cordillera Province in the South, Germán Busch Provincemarker in the Southeast, Ángel Sandoval Provincemarker in the East, and José Miguel de Velasco Provincemarker in the North.


The population of Chiquitos Province has increased by circa 15 % over the recent five years, from 59,754 inhabitants (2001 census) to 68,445 inhabitants (2005 est.).


Chiquitos Province comprises three municipalities which are further subdivided into cantons.

Section Municipality Seat
1st San José de Chiquitos Municipality San José de Chiquitosmarker
2nd Pailón Municipality Pailón
3rd Roboré Municipality Roboré

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  1. Instituto Nacional de Estadística

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