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Chittoor District ( ), also known as Chittur, is a town and district of Indiamarker's Andhra Pradeshmarker state. The district has a population of 3,735,000 (2001 census). Chittoor district is famous for the Tirupatimarker, Kanipakam and Sri Kalahastimarker temples. It lies in the Poini River valley of southernmost Andhra Pradesh, on the Bangaloremarker-Chennaimarker highway. It is a market center for mangos, grain, sugarcane, and peanuts. Its industries include oilseed and rice milling. It is also home to Nutrine Confectionaries, a major chocolate, Granite industries and mango pulp manufacturer in India.


The district is bounded by Anantapur Districtmarker to the northwest, Cuddapah Districtmarker to the north, Nellore Districtmarker to the northeast, Krishnagiri District, Vellore Districtmarker and Tiruvallur District of Tamil Nadumarker state to the south, and Kolarmarker District of Karnatakamarker state to the west. Chittoor district lies extreme south of the Andhra Pradesh state approximately between 12°37' ­ - 14°8' north latitudes and 78°3' - 79°55' east longitudes.30% of the total land area is covered by forests in the district. The district has an area of 15,359 km² and population of 3,745,875 of which 21.65% were urban as of 2001. Mango and tamarind groves surround the city of Chittoor, and cattle are raised in the district. The soils in the district constitute redloamy 57%, red sandy 34% and the remaining 9% is covered by black clay black loamy, black sandy and red clayThe important rivers in the district are Ponnai and Swarnamukhi rivers which originate in eastern ghats. Other rivers include Kusasthali, Beema, Bahuda, Pincha, Kalyani, Araniyar and Pedderu. None of the rivers are perennial.The population of Chittoor district according to 1991 census is 32.5 lacks with density of 214 Per km².


Chittoor District was formed on 1 April 1911, dividing the then Cuddapahmarker, Nelloremarker and North Arcot districts as a result of recommendations of Pataskar Commission.


Telugu is the most widely spoken language in the district. Tamil, Hindi and English are also spoken in Chittoor District.

Temperature and Rainfall

The temperature in the western parts of the district like Madanapallemarker, Horsley Hills, Chembakurmarker are relatively lower than the eastern parts of the Chittoor District. This is because of the higher altitude of the western parts compared to the eastern parts. The summer temperatures touches 46°C in the western parts where as in the eastern parts it ranges around 36º to 38°C. Similarly the winter temperatures of the western parts are relatively low ranging around 12°C to 14°C and in eastern parts it is 16°C to 18°C.

Chittoor District receives an annual rainfall of 918.1 mm. The South West Monsoon and North East Monsoon are the major sources of rainfall for the district. On average the district receives 438.0 mm of rainfall through the South West Monsoon (From June to September) and 396.0 mm from North East Monsoon (From October to December). The rainfall received by the district in the years 2002 and 2003 are 984.2 mm and 934 mm respectively.



Revenue Divisions

  1. Chittoormarker
  2. Tirupati
  3. Madanapallemarker

Educational Zones

  1. Chittoormarker
  2. Tirupati
  3. Madanapallemarker
  4. Puttur
  5. kuppammarker
  6. pilermarker
  7. Reniguntamarker

Assembly Constituencies

There are 14 assembly constituencies in Chittoor district. They are Chandragirimarker, Chittoormarker, Kuppammarker, Madanapallemarker, Nagari, Palamanermarker, Pilerumarker, Punganurmarker, Puthalapattu, Satyavedumarker, Srikalahastimarker, Thamballapalle, Tirupatimarker and Gangadhara Nellore.


There are 66 mandals in Chittoor district.


Tourist Places

Important personalities

  • D.V.Venkatesham Ex MLA KUPPAM, great politician in the Period of 1978-1986
  • Bojjala Ganga Subbarami Reddy Ex MLA Srikalahasthi.
  • Bollineni Parthasarathy, advocate and great freedom fighter
  • Paturi Raja Gopala Naidu, socialist, freedom fighter and great politicians like NG Ranga
  • Sankarambadi Sundara Charyulu, Author of the famous song, Maa Telugu Talliki Malle Poo danda
  • Chittor V. Nagaiah Renowned Film actor, Director.
  • Nara Chandrababu Naidu, Ex-Chief Minister of A.P (CEO of Andhra Pradesh).

  • Bojjala Gopala Krishna Reddy, Srikalahasthi MLA Ex Minister.
  • Jiddu Krishnamurti Philosopher.
  • Dr. M.Mohan Babu, Renowned Film Actor, Politician.
  • Ramaprabha, Film Actor.
  • D. K. Audikesavulu Naidu — Politician, Industrialist and Founder of Educational Institutions.
  • Galla Aruna Kumari, Minister
  • Devika
  • Reddivari Chenga Reddy Senior Politician and Hon. minister of Law
  • Reddivari Rajasekhar Reddy EX MLA Puttur, EX Chairman TUDA.
  • N. Siva Prasad Film Actor, Director and ex minister
  • Reddivari Nadhamuni Reddy, Ex MLA Tirupati, Ex MLC, EX TTD Chairman, EX ZP Chairman, Freedeom Fighter.


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