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Cho or CHO can refer to several things:

Cho can refer to the following people, real or fictional:
  • Yūichi Nagashima, a seiyū who goes by the stage name "Chō".
Given name
  • People
    • Cho Ramaswamy, an actor, columnist, and political commentator in Tamil Nadu, India
    • Cho U, a Chinese Go player
Family name

CHO is a three-letter acronym that could refer to:

Cho can refer to:
  • Carbohydrate, referencing the three constituent elements, carbon (C), Hydrogen (H) and Oxygen (O)
  • An ancient Japanese measurement approximately equal to 109.1 metres: see Japanese units of measurement
  • -cho is a Japanese suffix, indicating a town: see towns of Japan
  • Nokia's internal codename for the Nokia 6681 mobile phone

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