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The Christian Heritage Party of Canada is a federal political party that advocates that Canada be governed according to biblical principles, which it describes as "the inspired, inerrant written Word of God".

This socially and fiscally conservative party held its founding convention in Hamilton, Ontariomarker in November 1987, where Ed Vanwoudenberg was elected its first leader. Jim Hnatiuk has led the party since 2008.

The party nominated candidates for the first time in the 1988 federal election, and ran numerous candidates in the 1993 and 1997 elections. It was unable to field 50 candidates in the 2000 election and was consequently deregistered by Elections Canada, the government elections agency. The party was re-registered in time for the 2004 election.

Many of its founders had been members of the Social Credit movement. The party hopes to "apply proven Judeo-Christian principles of justice and compassion to Canada's contemporary public policy needs". The party claims that it seeks to represent all Christians in Canada, while acknowledging that many Christians are members of other parties. They specifically deny any interest in converting all Canadians to Christianity. It is also Canada's only officially pro-life federal political party, and emphasizes that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms acknowledges God (in its members' interpretation meaning the Judeo-Christian God) in its preamble. Other policies include opposition to same sex marriage, and a "Family Friendly Childcare Allowance" which "would provide $1000 per month to any family where one of the parents chose to stay home and raise their children—until age 18".

Electoral activity

Election # of candidates # of votes % of popular vote % of popular vote CHP ridings
1988 63 102,533 0.78% 3.56%
1993 58 30,455 0.22% 1.09%
1997 53 29,085 0.22% 1.26%
2000 46* 10,110* 0.08%* 0.51%*
2004 62 40,283 0.30% 1.52%
2006 45 28,163 0.19% 1.32%
2008 59 26,751 0.19% 1.02%

*The party did not have official status for the 2000 election, but 46 candidates were nominated, listed on the ballot without any affiliation information. These figures represent the 46 "non-affiliated" candidates known to be nominees of the CHP.

National leader

National executive

  • President - Tom Kroesbergen
  • Vice President - Leslie Bartley
  • Executive Director - Vicki Gunn
  • National Secretary - Marcia Kroesbergen
  • National Treasurer - Louis (Luke) Kwantes
  • Prayer, Ethics, Personnel Director - Eric Pennings

Provincial presidents

  • British Columbia, Harold J. Ludwig
  • Alberta, C. Sya Strydhorst
  • Saskatchewan, Harold Stephan
  • Manitoba, David Reimer
  • Ontario, Dave Bylsma
  • Québec, Thomas Sabourin
  • Nova Scotia, Louise McKeen (interim)
  • Prince Edward Island, vacant
  • New Brunswick, Jason Farris (interim)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador, vacant
  • Yukon, vacant (is eligible to have an acting representative to BC council)
  • Northwest Territories, vacant (potential representative within Alberta council)
  • Nunavut, vacant (potential representative to an undetermined council)

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