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Diminutive church dominating the area by virtue of its siting and proportions.
Another view of the church, showing its location along the river
The Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin on the Nerl River ( ) is an Orthodox church and a symbol of mediaeval Russia.

The church is situated at the confluence of Nerl and Klyazma Rivers in Bogolyubovomarker, 13 km north-east of the ancient capital of Vladimirmarker.

Commissioned by Andrei Bogolyubsky in 1165 to commemorate his slain son, the church used to be connected with Andrew's stone castle by a gallery. The monument is built in white stone, has one dome and four columns in the interior. Its proportions are elongated on purpose to make its outline seem more slender, although this architectural solution made its interior too dark for holding divine services.

For centuries, the memorial church greeted everyone approaching the palace at Bogolyubovomarker. In spring, the area would be flooded, and the church appeared as if floating on water. The church itself has not been touched by later generations, although the galleries were demolished and the dome's shape slightly changed. The walls are still covered with 12th-century carvings.

In 1992, the church was added to the UN World Heritage List as part of the site White Monuments of Vladimir and Suzdalmarker.

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