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Cibo Matto (meaning crazy food in Italian, and ) was a New York Citymarker-based band formed by two Japanesemarker women, Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori, in 1994. The lyrics in their songs are primarily concerned with food, possibly used as a metaphor. Their sound has been described as a combination of "Jazz, Hip-Hop, Brazilian music, African Drumming, Japanese Rock, Disco samples, and the cheap, under-funded, un-talented but, nevertheless, creative and genius of the spirit of the underbelly of the city."


Viva! La Woman: 1994 - 1996

After working together in the noise rock band Leitoh Lychee, Miho Hatori and Yuka Honda formed Cibo Matto in 1994 with Honda as the instrumentalist and Hatori as the vocalist (although occasionally Honda sang and Hatori contributed instrumentally). In 1995, Cibo Matto released a self titled EP on El Diablo Records. The EP caught the attention of Warner Bros. Records who signed Cibo Matto later in the year. Under Warner Bros. the duo released their first major album, Viva! La Woman. Cibo Matto is an Italian phrase that translates to "Crazy Food" and many of the tracks from Viva! La Woman, produced by Mitchell Froom, featured lyrics related to food, including "Know Your Chicken," "Apple," and "Birthday Cake." Their single, "Sugar Water" was a modest college radio and dance hit. The song was accompanied by an innovative split screen music video directed by Michel Gondry, where each side showed the same footage - one side going forward, and one backwards, meeting mid-song. [48259] This unique presentation would be used in several subsequent videos, including "Closing Time (3 AM)" by the band Semisonic. After the music videos for "Know Your Chicken" and "Sugar Water" enjoyed success on MTV, Cibo Matto appeared on various television shows such as Oddville, Viva Variety and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Stereo ★ Type A: 1997 - 2001

In 1997 Cibo Matto released a new EP entitled Super Relax, which would complete the line-up by introducing new members Sean Lennon and Timo Ellis with Duma Love joining soon thereafter. In 1998 Lennon released his debut solo album Into the Sun, which featured Hatori ("Into the Sun", "Sean's Theme") and Ellis ("Mystery Juice", "Home", "Spaceship"). Into the Sun was produced and inspired by Honda (whom Lennon was dating at the time). In the music video for Lennon's single "Home" Honda, Hatori, Ellis and Love appeared in the closing scene. Cibo Matto went on to release their second (and final) album Stereo ★ Type A in 1999. Although it was a departure from the much loved sound of Viva! La Woman, Stereo ★ Type A was well received by fans and the music critics alike.


The group continued to play live and tour until disbanding in 2001. In an interview Honda stated,

All of the members of Cibo Matto have gone on to release solo material and have on occasion collaborated with each other.

Band information

  • Yuka Honda: Sampler and Sequencer, Keyboard, Piano, Organ, Synth, Harpsichord, Backing Vocals
  • Miho Hatori: Lead Vocals, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar
  • Sean Lennon: Bass Guitar, (Electric, 12-String and Acoustic) Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Synth, Backing Vocals
  • Timo Ellis: Drums, Percussion, Bass Guitar, (Electric and Acoustic) Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Duma Love: Percussion, Vocals, Turntable, Beat Box

Grand Royal involvement

Although Cibo Matto was represented by Warner Bros. Records, they were also considered to be a major part of the Grand Royal Records family.
  • Under Grand Royal, Honda and Hatori formed side-project band Butter 08 (1996) with Russell Simins, Rick Lee and Mike Mills.
  • Hatori collaborated with the Beastie Boys (who founded Grand Royal) on their 1997 album, Hello Nasty.
  • Lennon released his debut album, Into the Sun (1998) on Grand Royal (which featured Honda, Hatori and Ellis).
  • Yumiko Ohno of Buffalo Daughter (a former Grand Royal band) contributed moog synthesizer and backing vocals to Stereo Type A (1999).
  • In 2000, Grand Royal released a compilation album entitled At Home with the Groove Box in which Lennon contributed the song "Winged Elephants" while Honda and Hatori contributed the song "We Love Our Lawyers". The compilation also featured artists such as Beck and Sonic Youth.

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