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Claro is the largest mobile phone network in America. It is part of the Mexicanmarker telecom group América Móvil which is the fourth largest mobile phone network operator in the world, with more than 170 million customers. It serves clients in Argentinamarker, Brazilmarker, Chilemarker, the Dominican Republicmarker, El Salvadormarker, Guatemalamarker, Hondurasmarker, Jamaicamarker, Nicaraguamarker, Paraguaymarker, Perumarker, Puerto Rico and Uruguaymarker. It has also been licensed to operate in Panamamarker. América Móvil's operations Colombiamarker and Ecuadormarker are supposed to be rebranded as "Claro" in the future as well. "Claro" may mean "bright", "clear", "clearly" or "of course", in both Portuguese and Spanish.

Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay

Claro was launched in Argentinamarker, Paraguaymarker and Uruguaymarker on March 25, 2008 as a rebranding of CTI Móvil. As of March 31 2007 it had more than 12.795 million subscribers under the former brand, with services on CDMA/1XRTT and GSM/GPRS/EDGE wireless technologies. As of March 2008, it has more subscribers than the other companies.

CTI Móvil had purchased Hutchison Telecommunications Paraguay S.A. (who operated as Port Hable) in July 2005, to begin serving customers in that country. It competes with international operators like Tigo (Millicom), Personal (Telecom Argentina / Telecom Italia), and VOX (KDDI).

It is providing 3G UMTS/HSDPA network to the largest cities in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. They claim to have the best 3G coverage in the region.

Claro Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay slogans

  • "Es simple. Es Claro." ("It's simple. It's 'Clear' [translation of 'Claro'].")
  • "Claro es Internet móvil de alta velocidad." ("Claro is high-speed mobile Internet.")
  • "Querés cambiar? Vení a Claro." ("Want to change? Come to Claro.")
  • "Proveemos la mayor cobertura 3G de Argentina." ("We provide the largest 3G coverage in Argentina.")


The Claro brand was launched in 2003, in Brazil, by the merger of América Móvil-owned operators ATL (serving the states of Rio de Janeiromarker and Espírito Santo), BCP (with service in São Paulomarker metropolitan area, Pernambuco, Alagoas, Cearámarker, Paraíbamarker, Piauímarker and Rio Grande do Norte), Americel (operating in Acre, Tocantins, Rondôniamarker, the Brazilian Federal Districtmarker, Goiásmarker, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul), Tess Celular (other areas of São Paulo statemarker) and Claro Digital (serving Rio Grande do Sul).

Later Claro expanded its services and now also operates in the states of Bahia, Sergipe, Santa Catarinamarker, Paranámarker and Minas Geraismarker. Claro Brazil has GSM/GPRS/EDGE services at 900/1800 MHz, and since November 13, 2007 UMTS/HSDPA 3G service in the 850 MHz band, as well as a small 1900 MHz operation in the Pelotasmarker region in Rio Grande do Sul. Since August 2008, Claro has also expanded its UMTS/HSDPA network to Minas Gerais, Bahia, Sergipe, Espírito Santo, Amazonas and Pará using the 2100 MHz band. Along with competitor Vivo, it was one of first two operators to make available the iPhone 3G in Brazil, with TIM entering later.

Claro Brazil Slogans

  • "Nós escutamos." ("We listen.", launch slogan)
  • "Claro que você tem mais." ("Of course you have more.")
  • "Claro. A vida na sua mão." ("Claro. Life in your hand[s].)
  • "Claro 3G. O futuro que você sonhou na sua mão." ("Claro 3G. The future you dreamed of [is] in your hand[s].", 3G service launch slogan)
  • "Isso tudo é 3G. 3G é Claro." ("All that is 3G. 3G is Claro.")
  • "Escolha." ("Choose.", current slogan)


The brand was launched in Chile on August 6, 2006, after the acquisition of Smartcom PCS. Claro Chile have services GSM/GPRS/EDGE in 850/1900 MHz, and since December 2007 has 3G UMTS/HSDPA service in the 850 MHz band.

Claro Chile Slogans

  • "Si hablas Claro, Claro que tienes más." ("If you speak 'Clearly' [translation of 'Claro' in English], 'Of Course' [another translation of 'Claro'] you have more.")

Dominican Republic

The brand was launched in the Dominican Republic in January 31, 2007, after the acquisition of Verizon Dominicana in April 3, 2006.

Claro Dominicana have services over CDMA 1xEV-DO in 800/1900 MHz, GSM/GPRS/EDGE in 850/1900 MHz, and since August 7, 2007 has 3G UMTS/HSDPA service in the 850 MHz band.

Claro Dominican Republic Slogans

  • "Claro que tienes más." ("'Of Course' [one of the possible English translations of 'Claro'] you have more.")


Also in Ecuador America Movil is present with Conecel, commercially known as Porta. It is the country's leading operator with almost 9 million subscribers, and launching WCDMA services.

El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua

The brand was launched in El Salvadormarker, Hondurasmarker and Nicaraguamarker on September 2006 as a rebranding of the former PCS Digital, Alo, Personal and Enitel brands.

Claro operates in El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua individual GSM/GPRS networks over 1900 MHz licenses.

Claro Honduras plans to launch soon the first UMTS 1900 MHz network in Honduras.

Claro Nicaragua has launched the first UMTS network in Central America, over the 850 MHz spectrum. It's also the first UMTS 850 MHz commercial wireless network in Latin America.

Claro El Salvador Slogans

  • "Cubrimos tus Momentos, Cubrimos tus Lugares, Cubrimos tu Nación, Cubrimos tu Diversión, Cubrimos El Salvador. Siempre estás cubierto con Claro." ("We cover your moments, we cover your places, we cover your nation, we cover your entertainment, we cover El Salvador. You are always covered with Claro.")
  • "Hablamos de todo... Hablamos Claro." ("We talk about everything... We talk 'Clear' ['Claro'].")

Claro Honduras Slogans

  • "Hablamos de todo... Hablamos Claro." ("We talk about everything... We talk 'Clear' ['Claro'].")
  • "Claro que tienes más." ("Of course you have more.")

Claro Nicaragua Slogans

  • "Claro. La vida en tus manos." ("Of course. [Claro.] Life in your hands.")
  • "Claro. Que si." ("surely")


Claro was launched in Guatemala on September 7th 2006 as a rebranding of the Telgua owned PCS Digital and Alo de PCS brands. As of March 31 2007 Claro in Guatemala had more than 5.2 million suscribers under this brand, with services on CDMA/1XRTT, GSM/GPRS/EDGE and UMTS/HSDPA (some cities with HSPA) wireless technologies.(The international brand is Claro, which means Clear and without problems.)

It is the only provider with license to operate in both 900 and 1900 MHz spectra. The CDMA network operates only in the 1900 MHz band and the GSM/GPRS/EDGE network operates in both 900 MHz and 1900 MHz.

Claro Guatemalamarker has launch the first UMTS/HSDPA (1900 MHz) network in Guatemalamarker on April 16, with 1.8 Mbit/s of download, the network was update to the first UMTS/HSPA network as a trial for América Móvil, the network have coverage in all capital cities, reaching up to 40 cities with UMTS/HSDPA coverage and 7 cities with HSPA.

Claro Guatemala Slogans

  • "En toda Guatemala... hablamos Claro." ("In all of Guatemala... we speak 'Clear' [translation of 'Claro' in English].")
  • "Con Claro, Claro que tienes más." ("With Claro, 'Of Course' [another translation of 'Claro'] you have more.")
  • "Cubrimos tus momentos, tus lugares, tu diversión, cubrimos Guatemala. Siempre estás cubierto con Claro." ("We cover your moments, your places, your entertainment, we cover Guatemala. You are always covered with Claro.")
  • "Hablamos de todo... Hablamos Claro." ("We talk about everything... We talk 'Clear' ['Claro'].")


Claro was launched as rebranding the heritage of MiPhone network. Oceanic Digital Jamaica Limited (ODJ) is a wholly owned subsidiary of América Móvil, and as of October 2008 provides service under the Claro name. They have built a GSM/UMTS/HSDPA network alongside the current CDMA network. The plans include serving fixed wireless and broadband services on the CDMA network.


The Panama government has authorized a license to use the spectrum in Panama by America Móvil, who plans to provide services under the Claro brand. The government's effort aims at the expansion of competition and mobile access to the Panamanian population.


Claro was launched as a rebranding of TIM.

Claro Peru Slogans

  • "¿Querías más? Claro que tienes más." ("You wanted more? 'Of Course' [one of the possible English translations of 'Claro'] you have more.")

Puerto Rico

The Claro brand was launched in Puerto Rico on May 18, 2007 as a rebranding the Verizon Wireless trademark. Claro is the wireless arm of Puerto Rico Telephone which serves wireline telephone and data services in the island. The brand was introduced to the wireless segment after the March 30, 2007 acquisition of the telecom by América Móvil.

Claro Puerto Rico is currently the second largest mobile network serving the island (after AT&T Mobility), with more than 567,060 customers and the most complete coverage serving the island's 78 municipalities/cities. The first cellular network in the island was introduced by Puerto Rico Telephone during the 1980s. The history goes back to Celulares Telefónica, which operated until 2001 under that brand, when the Verizon Wireless brand was introduced.

The company launched a 3G GSM/UMTS network parallel to the CDMA/EvDO network it operates since 2002. Claro has mobile voice and data services in Puerto Rico's 78 cities and towns and its coverage is constantly expanding, the company says.

On May 1, 2008, Claro introduced the VideoCall service through its 3G GSM network. The customers are able to make calls using the videocamera of their cellphone, to any other VideoCall user. The service places a new standard of calling in the island -being first introduced by Claro- enabling the users to make dual-sided video calls.

Claro Puerto Rico Slogans

GSM Network Launch Slogans
  • "Tu poder es Claro." ("Your power is Claro.")
  • "Tu alcance es Claro." ("Your reach is 'Clear' [translation of 'Claro' in English].")
  • "El futuro es Claro." ("The future is 'Clear' [another translation of 'Claro'].")
  • "Si quieres más poder, cámbiate a Claro." ("If you want more power, switch to Claro.")

Company motto:
  • "La red más poderosa habla Claro." ("The most powerful network speaks 'Clear' ['Claro']")
  • Former: "Que nada te detenga." ("Let nothing stop you.")

Brand transition slogans:
  • "Bienvenido a un mundo mejor." ("Welcome to a better world")
  • "Verizon Wireless, la red más poderosa, ahora es Claro." ("Verizon Wireless, the most powerful network, is now Claro.")


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