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Code2000 is a pan-Unicode digital font, which includes characters and symbols from a very large range of writing systems. It is designed and implemented by James Kass to include as much of the Unicode 4.0 standard (5.2 is the current version) as possible, and to support OpenType digital typography features. Code2001 and Code2002 are related fonts created by Kass which support characters in higher Unicode planes.

The fonts are available as shareware from the author's website.

Other well-known Unicode fonts include Arial Unicode MS, Lucida Sans Unicode, TITUS Cyberbit Basic, the Free UCS Outline Fonts and other Free software Unicode fonts.

Unicode coverage

It also includes several scripts not officially recognized, in the Unicode Private Use Area:


This is a second font in the Code 2000 family. It covers the Unicode Plane One Supplementary Multilingual Plane, mostly used for historic language scripts. The majority of these glyphs are not found in Code 2000.

Code2001 includes support for:

Also included are:

These three are not yet approved for use in Unicode, and therefore are encoded in the Plane Fifteen Private Use Area and the Basic Multilingual Plane. (As noted above, the latter two are also available in Code2000.)


This is a third font in the Code 2000 family. The glyphs in this font are not part of either Code 2000 or Code 2001.

This font partially covers the Unicode Plane Two Supplementary Ideographic Plane. This is a Supplementary Plane used for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean ideographs. Roughly 40% of Plane Two is included in this font.

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